Grox new
Grox is the mascot for the game Monster Mash up.
Full Name Grox
Gender Male
Location Planet junon
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Sharp teeth,
First Appearance Monster Mash Up
Latest Appearance Monster Mash Up


Grox is a Green Leotri monster from the planet Junon. He is the mascot for the game Monster Mash Up, which is his first appearance. There are many different types of monsters from Junon, including the Nilktares, in which Klin, another monster from the series, is a part of.



  • On the planet Junon the other types or tribes on the planet besides the Nilktares and the Leotri are the Wontours and the Lopfrons.
  • Grox has two older brothers named Broyd and Nyexar.
  • The other colours of Leotri are Red and Purple.

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