Grounder (Skip and Sqak)
Grounder the Piggopotamus
Grounder, the other commander of the SSSSS.
Gender Male
Species Piggopotamus (pig/hippo hybrid)
Location Planet Xoon
Current Status Active
Class Antagonist
Co+commander of the SSSSS
Family and Relations
Grubber (partner)
First Appearance Skip and Sqak 2 (1996)
Grounder is the co+commander of the SSSSS along with his best friend Grubber. He is a dimwitted Hippo-Pig hybrid who first appeared in Skip and Sqak 2, where he tries to capture the SSFF by X2's orders. He and Grubber often work togethor to capture the heroes, but fail to do so. At the end of the game, Grounder gets arrested and put in jail with his fellow members and X2.