Ground Town
Ground Town is a town in the Quiful Barrett series, on the planet Ser. It serves as the home for Ara, and is commonly the second level in the games.


Ground Town is a large, rocky town. It has a heavily cracked ground, with casual holes in it. However, none are big enough for a human to fall through. Despite the size, few plants or animals live in Ground Town. People that do live in it spend most of their time outside, residing in tiny mud homes. The town is somewhat cold.

Underground, there is as much life as there is above ground. There are large areas that have been dug out, complete with ponds and lava pits. There are several tunnels.

As a Level

Ground Town is always where Ara is fought as a challenger. Henry is also fought as a challenger sometimes. After acquiring the Dig Dig Drill, Quiful is capable of drilling underground, where there are more enemies, and thus FBGs. One third of the way through the level, this is required. In Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo, Ground Town introduces Super Itemites, and the exclusive Itemworms, though the latter can only be found underground. Kallie serves as the boss of the level in Quest for Cronomipo.



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