Groop's Appearance
Full Name Groop Glup Gloop the Maple Dog
Current Age 5
Gender Male
Species Maple Syrup 50%

Dog 50%

Align Free Spirit-Good
Current Status Alive

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Groop is Maple Dog who was arrested by the Luxmors Prison Force in the year 289 PF, he is part of a genetically altered species known as the Maple Dog, a Dog with the properties of Maple Syrup. He has a short attention span however is good hearted and very loyal.


Like other Maple Dogs, Groop has the physical appearance of a Dog with the consistency of Maple Syrup. His nervous system allows him to create and dissolve five limbs which he can morph into a multitude of forms. He is limited by his mass and cannot shape shift into anything larger or smaller than his current state. He can change his surface area however making himself into a flat body of Syrup.


Like other Maple Dogs, Groop possesses some level of sentient intelligence albeit limited. He is capable of speech and is very loyal to those he refers to as friends. Due to his short attention span it is difficult for Groop to do long complex tasks, however he can easily follow commands without question. He is also a bit clumsy often getting stuck to things, however he is very aware of his mistakes and always tries to make amends with those he wrongs.


Prior to his arrest, Groop was a wild Maple Dog on the Planet, Pancake Ball 7. He like most Maple Dogs work with higher intelligence breakfast hybrids on Farms, Groop was often credited for being an extremely hard worker and very loyal to his colleagues. However one day he caught sight of a cat, his natural instincts which he had never previously experienced overtook him and he chased down and killed the cat, unbeknownst to him, Groop had killed the Emperor of the Dessert Planet of Cream Pi, Emeperor Uberry. This sparked a catastrophic war between the Breakfast Hybrids and Dessert Hybrids however Groop would never witness such an event as he was captured by the LPF soon after he committed the crime.