Gritty Goomba
Gritty Goomba Sprite
A Gritty Goomba from Teehee Valley.
Species Origin Goomba
Average Behavior Creates sandstorms
Habitat(s) Arid environments


First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Gritty Bloomba
Related Species

Gritty Goombas are mummified Goombas with spikes and flags that first appeared in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga in the Teehee Valley area. In Gwarhar Lagoon, there are more powerful Gritty Goombas with a darker brown coloration and green flags instead of the red. Gritty Goombas have the ability to conjure up sandstorms to aid them while attacking.

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, they initially appeared in Teehee Valley upon the Mario Bros' first visit, while escorting Princess Peach through the valley. If Peach came into contact with them, or if she was offscreen for too long, Gritty Goombas would kidnap her and take her down underground into their bases where Mario and Luigi must infiltrate to save the Princess, who is guarded by two other Gritta Goombas, appearing as if they were dancing around her, reinacting a ritual as Peach is placed on an altar-like surface. Upon their second visit, the Gritty Goombas, save for the ones underground, have been mysteriously replaced by Anuboos.

Appearances in games

Super Mario GameBox Demo

Gritty Goomba In Super Mario GameBox Demo, they appear as they normally do. They attack like they did in Superstar Saga, by conjuring sandstorms. They only appear in Mushroom Desert. They resurrect after being hit by a roll attack. They can be defeated by being led into water, where they disintegrate.

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