Grimebots are mechanical foes utilized by Doomulus Grime in his nefarious schemes. They appear in many games as enemies that Unten must defeat.



Grimebots are among the most common enemies in the game.

Shards of Reality

Grimebots are the most common enemies of the Doomuli army. Some Grimebots carry tools and weaponry, which telegraph what skills they're capable of using. For example, a Grimebot with a wrench can repair fellow Grimebots to restore their health. There are also several "Grimebots" inspired by other Doomuli in design and skillset, like the health-sapping Risebots and the glass cannon Thaibots.

Paper Unten

They are one of the first enemies encountered in Paper Unten. First found in Gumdrop Woods, they are also employed as guards at Grime's old castle. In this game, their stature is much lower.


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