Enemy - Grimace
Location Yzulf Snowfields
HP 1000
Attack 118
Defence 101
Alignment Bad
Battle Thought "Float like a butterfly... Sting like a bee!"
Oh, oh GREAT! You want through this door, don't you? Well I ain't a beggar, but maybe 400 coins will save you from a dirt nap, got it?

Grimace is the door guard and most skillful archer of the Bandit Stronghold in Lucario's Quest. He makes his appearance in the Yzulf Snowfields, blocking all non-bandits from entering the stronghold, and must be paid a large sum of 400 coins in order to be granted unlimited access, as Grimace will wander away from his guarding position in greed. If Lucario doesn't wish to pay Grimace, he can be fought as an optional miniboss. Upon defeat he scurries away and disappears.


Grimace is Octavius's best archer, assigned with the boring job of keeping an eye out for intruders from outside of the stronghold. It seems that Grimace never is bothered by the cold weather of the snowfields, as well. He is rumored to have killed innocent creatures for fun if his guard duties become too monotonous.

Grimace meets Lucario as he stands guarding, not shooting at Lucario upon meeting him. Though Lucario can either choose "Pay", "Don't Pay", and "Fight", fighting Grimace is much unwise, as he is a very powerful archer.

The end result in either paying or defeating Grimace is the same; he rushes off and disappears for good, either dropping or mercifully giving Lucario the entry key. Of course, choosing "Don't Pay" results in him angrily scolding Lucario, sending him away before he decides to end him.


Grimace is a very cynical character, never seeming to be happy, perhaps the reason behind his nickname He is even cynical if he receives Lucario's hard earned 400 coins, stating that Lucario is cheap for not giving him more.

He has somewhat of a sadistic side to him, much like most of the other bandits, as he is rumored by the brothers Bobby and Claude that he willingly slays defenseless animals.


In battle, Grimace uses a shortbow that he is very skilled in using, and is a very formidable opponent for being in such an early level. The main method of defeating him so early on is to stock up on food items.

He has a special attack called Eagle Eye, in which he takes one turn to charge back his bow and aim. It is advised to have a strong attack out by this point.


  • Grimace's name is inspired by the long-incorporated Grimace character from McDonald's.
  • His battle thought, "Float like a butterfly... sting like a bee!" is derived from Muhammad Ali's famous saying.

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