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Grim Reaper Mario is Mario in a Grim Reaper costume with demon-like powers, such as floating in mid-air. His costume is grey and his face can't be seen while in this form.

Physical Appearance

Grim Reaper Mario has a grey hood with an M on top. He has grey cloth for
Grim Reaper Mario

Grim Reaper Mario defeating an Undead Goomba and an Undead Piranha Plant.

rest of the costume. Also, he has a scythe that he can use to defeat multiple enemies at once.

Game Appearnce

New Super Mario Bros. Trick-Or-Treat

Appears as a Power-Up that Mario can use. Obtained by using the Grim Hood.

Mario Kart Universe (JULIANDROUGH'S Version)

Appears as a Playable Character in the Game.

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