Gridlock 2: Spiez Wanted is the sequel to Gridlock, Spaghetti does not appear by her own, as Noodle and Liguini appear as other characters available for play.


Two years after Gridlock, a thirteen year old Spaghetti is relaxing with her friends when she gets a letter from Noodle, who is hanging out at the lake. Spaghetti and Linguini decide to journey to the lake. When they get there, they discover Noodle being attacked by a giant robot, Spaghetti fights it, when the robot explodes, a strange figure walks up and gives Spaghetti, Noodle, and Linguini badges. The figure reveals to be called Agent BOSS, and Spaghetti and her friends have become spies.

After defeating Thornosaur, Linguini and Noodle get kidnapped by Lord Gridlock, causing Spaghetti and Sebastian to complete a few missions on their own before a rescue is organized for the two friends.

After defeating Lord Gridlock for the final time, Agent BOSS arrives with an urgent message; An evil villain named Monstrous Monacle, the one who was behind most of the missions, is planning to launch a missile into the core of the planet, causing it to explode, the four agents fly into space to the space station where Monstrous Monacle is planning to launch the missile, where he enganges in battle with the gang. After he is beaten, he uses a machine to mutate himself into a giant monster, in which he destroys the space station and the four agents battle him while falling to the surface, after he is beaten Agent BOSS comes in a helicopter with Croak, Freez, Cool, Arthur, and Crim on board, rescuing the four while Monacle burns from the impact. Though they are knighted, Spaghetti, Linguini, and Noodle resign, though the others still miss them.



Spaghetti SpaghettiFOC Spaghetti is a young girl who along with her friends have become spies under the employment of TA (The Agency), her codename is Agent Bow. She is the only one who can use keys, can use her bow as a weapon.
Noodle Noodle Noodle is Spaghetti's younger brother and a bit of a coward, he was the unintentional cause of the recruitment. He is the most resiliant to damage.
Linguini Linguini Linguini is Spaghetti's best friend, he has a crush on her and often tries to impress her. He can climb ropes.
Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian is the gadget genius of the Agency, and the veteran of the group. He has a wide variety of gadgets he can use.

Non-Playable Good Guys

Agent "Boss" N/A The Head of the Agency and a force to be reckoned with, He is extremely strong and is not afraid to lash out on Spaghetti and friends. Gives missions
Croak N/A A wise frog who has an excellent memory, he is kind and resourceful. Saves your game
Arthur and Crim N/A Although they can't be played as this time around, Arthur and Crim be part of the adventure by running shops. Run various shops
Freez and Cool N/A Two snowmen, despite being enemies in the last game, have changed their ways and now work as mechanics to upgrade weapons and gadgets. Upgrade your utilities.

Major Bad Guys

Lord Gridlock N/A Lord Gridlock has still been causing trouble all across the land, this time with various gadgets to stop him, can Spaghetti and her friends repeat 2 years ago? Various missions. He's fought 3 times throughout the main story.
Monstrous Monacle N/A Spoilers: Read at Own Risk Main villain of the game. He is fought once.
Ms. Tangerine N/A Tangerine is a casino owner that begins to chase down the main group because they accidently unlocked her safe, which was stolen from. A recurring boss. She is fought 6 times.

Minor Bad Guys

Sliver N/A Lord Gridlock's snake henchman is battled once, a much more minor role than the first game, he wears a gray cap in this came, unlike his orange toque in the first few games. He is the boss of the first mission.
Plantosaur N/A After defeating Lord Gridlock for the 2nd time, You-Know-Who has stolen the Plantosaur genetic plan, which he mutates into a large, thorn covered plant known has Thornosaur. He is a minor plot point later in the game.
Boogah N/A Though Boogah isn't a boss, he plays tricks on the gang as they traverse a haunted mansion containing a dangerous weapon. Boogah is eventually eradicated from the mansion at the end of the mission. He serves as an obstacle for the main gang to face.


There are 10 worlds in the game, all representing major missions that the gang undertake. Each take place in a different themed land.

Mission Name Theme Goal Boss(es)
OPERATION: DAISY PETALS Grassland To recover a computer chip guarded by a Cronie of Lord Gridlock.



To meet an informant (Roary) in the Lucky Beach casino, and to take the combination to the computer file from the casino's safe.

Tangerine (1)

5 Guards

MoneyBot 5000 (STAGE BOSS)

OPERATION: BLIZZARD Iceland To infiltrate an ice fortress guarded by Lord Gridlock's minions.

Lord Gridlock Snow Statue

Lord Gridlock (1)

Snowball Cannon (STAGE BOSS)


Cave To infiltrate an underground meeting of an evil organization.

Tangerine (2)

Enemy Hoarde (1)

Malice Machine (STAGE BOSS)


Jungle To recover the Plantosaur DNA from an abandoned military base.

Tangerine (3)


Thornosaur (STAGE BOSS)

OPERATION: SANDSTORM Desert To blow up one of Lord Gridlock's fortresses. (Note: Only Spaghetti and Sebastian are playable in this mission)

Tangerine (4)

Lord Gridlock (2)

The EvilMatic Sentry (STAGE BOSS)


Haunted To destroy a dangerous weapon within a haunted mansion. (Note: Only Spaghetti and Sebastian are playable in this mission)

Enemy Hoarde (2)

Tangerine (5)

Ghost Wind (STAGE BOSS)

OPERATION: CLIMBER Mountain To recover Noodle and Linguini from Lord Gridlock's base, which they were taken to after mission 5.

Enemy Hoarde (3)

Lord Gridlock (FINAL) (STAGE BOSS)

OPERATION: ERUPTION Volcanic To steal a computer chip from a volcano base before it erupts. FiReWaLl (STAGE BOSS)
OPERATION: GRIDLOCK Space To defeat Monstrous Monacle before he launches a missile into the planet's core.

Tangerine (6)

Monstrous Monacle

Monacle Monster (FINAL BOSS)


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