Grey BoB
Developer(s) Walange Corporation
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Prima
Release Date(s)
20th July, 2012
Genre(s) Fighting, RPG
Media Included 3DS, Prima Cards, Wii U Disks
Grey BoB is one of the four expansion packs that Battle of Bracelets: Dark Shadows has. This one is called Grey BoB because it's starred by the Golden Grey Bracelet, Will. This one will be released a week after Emerald BoB expansion pack, the 19th July, for Nintendo Prima, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.


coming soon...


The amount of characters that appear in this extension pack is notably smaller than in the main games, but the player can send the characters that he/she hasn't in BoB 2, to said game.

Playable Characters

In this expansion pack, there will be a new kind of Bracelets, called Ancient Bracelets.

Characters Description Abilities Weapon


(Grey Bracelet)

The hero of this adventure. He is chased by a special kind of bracelets called Ancient Bracelets.

Wing Form


Igniter Spear


(Garuda Bracelet)

He is the first rival that Will has, after fights, he goes getting on well with him until they became good friends. He suddenly disappeared from the Real World. Invisibility Book of Chaos


(Layde Bracelet)

A brave Ancient Bracelet that looks for a pure world. He is a dangerous bracelet with a power that can be double with his main ability. Twin Power Canon Orbitars


(Silver Jade Bracelet)

Always Answer Jade Club


(Serene Bracelet)

Lotus Absorption Dragonoid Legs


(Hippocamp Bracelet)

Hippocamp Sword

Non-playable Characters


  • It's the only game or expansion pack that shows the "Ancient Bracelets".
  • In this expansion pack, it's told the story about how Will and Crane became friends.



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