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Here we grow again
Developer(s) 12 11 7


Publisher(s) Wbie logo
Platform(s) Nintendo IC
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Shooter
Series Gremlins

General Info

Gremlins: Here we Grow Again is an updated remake of the abandoned game Gremlins Revenge. Revenge was ported from the Gamecube, the Xbox and the Playstation 2 onto the IC and Wii U for Here we Grow Again in 2014.


Set in 2014, Team Gizmo are having a celebration, celebrating the 30 year anniversary of his first defeat of the Gremlins. There is a leak, and Gizmo gets wet. Gizmo must defeat the Gremlins. At the same time, dead Gremlins are rising from the grave as spirits.


Gremlins: Here we Grow Again has multiple gamemodes. Every gamemode

Gizmo Game

Gizmo game is the main storyline, where you play as Team Gizmo, trying to save the world from the Gremlin invasion.

Micho Game

After completing Gizmo Game, you unlock Micho Game, a gamemode where you play through the same story as in Gizmo Game, but you play as Team Micho, fighting against team Gizmo.


Using the online and local capabilities of the Wii U, and IC download play, Gremlins: Here we Grow Again features a team-based online and local multiplayer mode. One team plays as Gremlins, with the other team playing as Mogwais.


Due to both action figures and Gremlins being popular in the 80s, Gremlins: Here we Grow Again's visuals are stylised to appear similar to toys. Characters and locations resemble action figures and playsets.

Gizmo Game

Image Name Description Type Levels
Gizmo - here we grow again Gizmo Gizmo, is the playable character in this game. He is equipped with a gun. You play as him. Playable All
Clyde here we grow again Clyde Clyde comes to assist you to help stop Micho, after the evil Mogwai have attacked him. Assistant Level 1
Micho mogwai Mogwai Micho Micho, is your enemy. He is trying to eat after midnight. Stop him! Boss Level 1
Micho Gremlin Micho Micho, the Gremlin has eaten after midnight, despite all your attempts to stop him. Boss

Cameo in Level 1

Level 2

Padge Those rotten Gremlins have crashed Padge's plane! He's here to assist you. Assistant Level 2
Gremlin ghost Ghost Ghosts of old Gremlins are haunting Kingston Falls! Enemy Level 3
Stripe ghost Stripe Stripe was the original Boss Level 3

Micho Game

Image Name Description Type Levels
Mogwai Micho Micho, starts off as a Mogwai in search of food, for after midnight. Playable Level 1
Gremlin Micho Micho has now eaten after midnight. Playable All (NPC in Level 1)
Gizmo here we grow again Gizmo Gizmo, your enemy is trying to stop you eat after midnight! Defeat him so you can feast! Boss

Level 1

Level 2

Clyde here we grow again (boss) Clyde You have attacked him, so he is angry, and is assisting Gizmo.



Level 1
Padge here we grow again Padge After crashing his plane, Padge has grown a hatred for Gremlins like you. Boss Level 2