Greil is the father of Ike and Mist and first leader of the Greil Mercenaries. He was first known as Gawain Rider of Daein. During his Gawain days he taught Zelgius how to fight. One day he accidently touched Lehran's Medallion causing him to go on a violent rampage. When Elena his wife sacrificed herself to pull the medallion off of him, Greil met Volke and gave him some money to kill should he ever lose his mind again. He entrusted the medallion to Mist who had a kind heart as her mother did then forbade Ike from touching the medallion himself. One night Greil fights the Black Knight and Ike rushes out to save his father but Greil orders him to stay back. The Black Knight throws Greil Ragnell telling him that he wants to see his master at his full strength. Greil instead fights with Urvan his axe. Black Knight then pierces Alondite through Greil's heart and Greil dies of his wounds as Ike carries him back to the castle

Nintendo vs. Capcom

Greil appears in Nintendo vs. Capcom as an unlockable character making his first a playable character. He is unlocked by beating arcade with Ike. In his story he starts out revived when Mike Haggar who was exploring Tellius came across a book that would raise the dead. In the first stage of his story mode he fights and kills 2 bandits then Greil takes their flesh and becomes whole again.During the course of his adventure with Mike Haggar he comes across Caellach, Shingen Takeda and other Axe wielders who would try to match him. Later he finds Ike and Mist dueling with 2 warriors: Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Hanbei Takenaka. Greil saves his children and his children are delighted to see him for the first time in years with tears of happiness coming from Mist's face. Ike wanted to relinquish command of the Greil Mercenaries to his father but Greil reminds him that the mercenaries are under his command. He decides to lead a siege on the Oda clan who want to blackmail Elincia into giving up her throne. He even fights his pupil and this time with Haggar, Mist and Ike's help he wins. In his ending Nobunaga is first shown impaled through the heart like Greil was by the Black Knight as Nobunaga tells Greil of the things he had done in the name of evil. Nobunaga then tells Greil to build a world such as none ever seen before. Greil removes his axe from Nobunaga and the demon lord dies. Greil then departs from Honnoji to retire and live with Titania.

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