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Type of Company Video Games, TV Shows, Consoles
Founder(s) GreenReaperGod
Founded at/in December 21st, 2014
Owner(s) GreenReaperGod
No. of Employee(s) see below
Bringing quality games to you since 2014!
Company Motto

GreenReaperGames is a independent company founded by GreenReaperGod on December 21st, 2014. They mainly work on video games, but have also created several consoles and television shows.

The main purpose of GreenReaperGames is to develop and create original games that are both interesting and worth reading. Our products primarily try to be as realistic as possible, but we don't let that limit us if we have a good, yet impossible, idea!

We do not care about your skill level, or how you good you may be at editing/formatting pages. As long as you create original ideas, you're in. Our editors/artists will make your page look beautiful in no time!


Name Creator Type Completed? System
NintendoCDSThe Nintendo CDS GreenReaperGod Console No N/A
NintendoCDSMKMario Kart: Shrunken Down GreenReaperGod Video Game No CDS
FnafCDSFive Nights at Freddy's CDS GreenReaperGod Video Game Yes CDS
Splatoon 2 GreenReaperGod Video Game No CDS
Captain Toad: Return of the Brigade GreenReaperGod Video Game No CDS
Toads vs Koopas GreenReaperGod TV Show No TV
Super Smash Bros for CDS GreenReaperGod Video Game No CDS


Name Position Description First Product
GreenReaperGod Founder/Artist/Editor GreenReaperGod strives to make unique and original games. He is pretty good at typing letters on a keyboard and he also hates original characters. Mario Kart: Shrunken Down
MrDjThompson Newbie An anime and video game nerd who does nothing but develop video games


  • Founder
    • The Founder has the ability to fire anyone from the company if he feels it is necessary.
  • Administrator
    • Admins are well trusted by the founder and have created many different projects. They are loyal to the company and are able to fire members and newbies.
  • Moderator
    • Moderators are specifically chosen by GreenReaperGod to ensure that every project currently being worked on lives up to the company's standards. They are able to fire newbies.
  • Editor
    • Editors have a decent amount of knowledge on editing and will help the regular members properly format their articles.
  • Artist
    • Artists will create the box art and any other pictures used in the company's products
  • Trusted Member
    • Trusted Members have either completed eight projects or are trusted by GreenReaperGod and the other administrators.
  • Member
    • Members of the company unlock this position once they complete three projects.
  • Newbie
    • This position is given to any user that joins GreenReaperGames.
  • Retired Member
    • Someone who has left the company.


We are currently not partnered with any companies. If you own a company and are interested, please contact us!

How to Apply

To apply, please use the form below.




Skill (1-5):



Here is an example:

Name: GreenReaperGod

Position: Member

Description: I like to create stuff!

Skill (1-5): 2. I'm not very good at editing, but I have lots of ideas!

Example: Mario Kart: Shrunken Down

Ideas: A Duck Hunt FPS!


  1. Be nice to each other. Constructive critcism is always welcome, but don't intentionally be mean.
  2. No begging for ranks.
  3. You must create at least one article per month for the company or you will be removed.
  4. Listen to the moderators, admins, and founder.
  5. Be logical.
  6. Any page created by GreenReaperGames can be edited by any of the members, but the staff and original poster have the final word.