Great Grandpa Koopa
The lost Koopa King
Full Name Christian "Great Grandpa" Koopa
Current Age 90 (Koopa Year: 978)
Gender Male
Location Dark World
Main Weapon(s) Grab, Cane
Ability/ies Blue Fire Breath

Christian Koopa, better known as Great Grandpa Koopa, is the father of Morton Koopa Sr. and the grandfather of Bowser. Christian is the leader of the Apook Army. His rival is Jumpman.


Grandpa looks like Bowser except his skin is darker, his hair and eyebrows are gray, and he holds a brown, wooden cane at all times.


Christian can grab his enemies and throw them 3 feet away from him, breathe blue fireballs and blue fire breath, and use his Roaring Sonic Soundwave.