Gravity Labs
Developer(s) Dreams Inc.
Publisher(s) Dreams Inc.
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
August 4 of 2017
Story Mode Challenge Mode
Genre(s) 3D Action Puzzle Game
Series Gravity Falls Dexter's Lab
Gravity Labs is a crossover game between Dexter's Lab and Gravity Falls scheduled to be released in 2017.


Dexter finds out that his lab is being spied by a special headquarter hidden somewhere in Oregon, after investigating further, Dexter finds out that the headquarters are located in Gravity Falls, which is a town known for it's supernatural ocurrences, Dexter decides to discover this special headquarter and find out why it has been spying on him.

Meanwhile, the twins Dipper and Mabel, as always, get into some trouble with some supernatural creatures, in this case, Goblins, after fighting them off, they go back home only to find a worried Grunkle Stan who seems to be hiding something, he says that the kids should forget about it completely and focus on preparing everything for the biggest party of Gravity Falls and it's surroundings coming in around a week or so, however the curious twins still decide to find out what Stan is up to, apparnelty Stan found a high-tech special camera that seems to be from the government, Dipper and Mabel realize that they may go on their biggest adventure yet, and it's just the start as some time later they meet Dexter, a strange kid who seems to also be investigating some mystery in Gravity Falls.


The game plays in 3D, at the start you only get 2 Stories, Dipper and Mabel's and Dexter's though at a certain point they both combine into the Team Story in which you can switch freely between the three.

The playstyles are slightly different, as Dexter's require him to use his gadgets to fight of fthe supernatural and investigate about the government headquarters and Dipper nad Mabel's are similar but slightly more puzzle-based, also in Dipper and Mabel's Story you can switch between the two in order to progress.

The game is Open World and lets you explore Gravity Falls and a bit of the forest, there are also many locations not seen in the show, like beaches, cinemas, piers, small casinos, schools, mountains, caves and more, in some of these areas you may find creatures which you can fight off like some sort of beat-'em-up, every character has their own attacks that deal different amounts of damage.



Image Name Description Playstyle
Dexterrender Dexter

Dexter is a surprisingly genius kid who has a secret lab in his house, one day he finds out that he's being spied by government headquarters hidden in Gravity Falls and he sets out to discover why he's being spied.

Dexter can use special gadgets such as the Steel Smacker 3000 to defend himself and discover hidden passages, his Ultra Lens to discover secret hints and Mega-Mic to listen to conversations one can't normally hear.
DipperGFArt Dipper

Dipper is a kid who was sent to Gravity Falls with his sis, there he finds a secret journal which helps him decipher all the mysteries of Gravity Falls, this time he and his sis will have to find the Government Headqyuarters located in Gravity Falls and find out their plans.

Dipper can collect information he finds and write it in the journal, whe can combine pieces of info to find new hints or contradict other pieces of info with new ones, Dipper can activate certain types of machinery with his intelligence and though he isn't very strong he can use a shovel to defend himself.
MabelAlt1 Mabel Mabel is Dipper's twin sister, though she's very differenti n terms of personality, as she's more bizarre, though she is very nice and kind, she has a pet pig named Waddles which she likes alot for some reason. In the Dipper and Mabel's Story you can freely switch between the two twins, Mabel can use her Light Sweater to light up dark places, she can use her Grappling Hook to reach high places and use Waddles to reach small passages, she atacks using her Bedazzler.


Image Name Description Role Story
SoosGFArt Soos Soos is part of the Mystery Shack's production crew along with Wendy, he's very talented at fixing thngs though he's not the brightest of the bulbs. Soos can let you play the Turbo Golf Car mini-game and later on in the game he can make special items for you if you bring him Scrap which is scattered around Gravity Falls and it's nearby surroundings. Dipper and Mabel's Story
Dan appear Manly Dan Manly Dan is a lumberjack in Gravity Falls that is very manly, just like his nickname implies. Dan can let you play the Chop Chop Madness mini-game. Dexter's Story
Lazy Susan Lazy Susan is the owner of a cafe in Gravity Falls, not much is known about her except that one of her eyes isn't in an exactly healthy state...

Lazy Susan can sell you food to get health, you can also buy food to save for later.

Teresa Teresa is the owner of the DVD Shop located in the mall, she's a bit shy but she's very good at restoring broken DVDs. As you go along the game you'll find rusty DVDs as extra collectibles, if you bring them to Teresa, she'll restore them and you'll be able to watch them, these DVDs usually contain special shorts. Both
Mermando Mermando is a merman that ocassionally hangs out around the pier, this time because of the Gravity Carnival coming in a week. Mermando can let you play the Dolphin Dash mini-game. Dipper and Mabel's Story
Jerry  Jerry is the owner of the Hoo-Ha restaurant, he's an expert at fixing Animatronics and apparently making lots of money as well, he can be a bit greedy at times. Jerry can let you play the Hoo-Ha Jam mini-game. Dexter's Story
Grunkle stan by mrcbleck-d5hc1z1 Grunkle Stan Grunkle Stan is the owner of the Mystery Shack, he goes paranoid one week before the Gravity Carnival, he actually has some importance in the story to a certain extent. Grunkle Stan can let you play the Hoop Toss mini-game once the Gravity Carnival starts. Both


Disney and CN announced DLC for other special characters that weren't in the game, these include special campaigns though they aren't Open World like the main game they still hav their small bit of freedom.


Name Description Playstyle
Wendy's Story Wendy breaks a fake replica of the Golden Statue of Gold in the Mystery Shack by accident when she brings her friends over, Stan scares the teens away and almost threatens to fire Wendy but Wendy promises to get another, then she calls Dipper for help and asks him if there's any sort of copy of said item, Dipper says that there is one but that since it's not a replica and it's the real thing, it's hidden in a dungeon hidden in the forest, Wendy accepts that she has no other choice and sets off to find another Golden Statue of Gold. Wendy can climb trees and use her axe to attack so she's a pretty all-around character when it comes to fighting, when it comes to puzzle-solving she can throw water ballons to hit targets or switches.
Dee-Dee's Story While Dexter is gone Dee-Dee sneaks into his laboratory but gets trapped inside, she starts getting bored so she decides to mess around with the Super-Computer and ends using it to play Romance Academy 6, this makes a powerful virus attack the computer so she deletes the game. and with it she deletes the main chartacter of the game "The Boyfriend", this makes a powerful virus known as Giffany very mad so she takes control over the Super-Computer enfuriated at Dee-Dee, now Dee-Dee must enter the Cyberworld and delete Giffany manually. Dee-Dee is very agile and nimble, and she's very good with acrobatics. though she doesn't like to fight that much she can use the Virus Zapper to fight agains tthe evil viruses made by Giffany.