Gravity Falls: Frostbitten Tales
Developer(s) DreamRift

GalaxySoft Inc.

Publisher(s) Disney Interactive Studios
Platform(s) PC (via Steam)

Nintendo Wii U

Xbox 360

Xbox One

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4

PlayStation Vita

Nintendo 3DS

Release Date(s)
December 1st, 2014 (US)

November 10th, 2014 (JAP)

January 2nd, 2015 (EU)

Single Player


Age Rating(s)
Rating Pending-ESRB
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Media Included PC;

Steam download

Wii U;

Optical Disc

Digital download

Xbox 360/Xbox One;


Digital Download

Gravity Falls: Frostbitten Tales is an upcoming 2014 video game based on the hit Disney TV series Gravity Falls. The game is currently in development by DreamRift and GalaxySoft Inc, and will be published by Disney Interactive Studios. SonicFanG7 will be releasing updates on the game, and will be the first GalaxySoft game to be on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One. This game is the first game made by GalaxySoft that is on non-Nintendo consoles.



It's now winter in Gravity Falls, and the Pines Family is reuniting for Christmas dinner. However, a snowstorm whips up, delaying any form of transportation home. Dipper notices that this storm isn't a natural one and sets out to discover what could be causing it. The truth may surprise him the most, and some old enemies are coming out to play....



There are 4 known playable characters, and an unknown fifth playable character.

Image Name Description Advantages/Weaknesses/Weapon How to Unlock
Dipper Pines Although he is a bit of a coward, Dipper's ready for an adventure. He's the first character unlocked. Dipper runs the fastest, but his jumps aren't too high. The weapon of his choice is his bone spear.  Default
Grapplin hook mabel
Mabel Pines The sister of Dipper has been captured by gnomes. Thankfully, her signature grappling hook acts as an extra jump and a weapon. Mabel is a balanced character, and she jumps highest of all! Her weapon is her grappling hook. Defeat the Gnomes in Area 1.
Grunkle Stan Stan is old, and that certainly shows. He runs slower than other characters, and jumps about medium way. His weapon is a Truth Teeth blaster. Defeat an unknown boss in Area 3
Wendy A teenage employee at the Mystery Shack that is often seen working the register. This time, she's fighting her way out of Robbie's house. Wendy is a fast-ish character, but her jumps are a little on the low side. This teen's weapons of choice are her headphones. Defeat Robbie in Area 6
Phineas Flynn Phineas discovered a portal to Gravity Falls within his home's basement.  He was captured upon arrival, though. Phineas is a balanced character, and his weapon is a wrench. Finish the game.


In Gravity Falls: Frostbitten Tales, there are a total of eight areas with eight levels in each. There is also a hidden area with only four levels.

Area 1: Frostbite Forest

Name Enemies Playable Character(s)(Story Mode)
A1-1: Frosty Trunk Gnomes, Ranger Gnomes, and Spiked Gnomes. Dipper Pines/Soos (during Tutorial)
A1-2: Tree Freezer Gnomes, Ranger Gnomes, Spiked Gnomes, and Manotaurs. Dipper Pines
A1-3: Chill Out Climb Gnomes, Ranger Gnomes, Climbing Manotaurs, Manotaurs, and Triangle Minis. Dipper Pines
A1-4: Monkeying Around Gnomes, Triangle Minis, Manotaurs, Mad Monkeys, and Rambler Gnomes. Dipper Pines
A1-5: Frostbitten Treetops Gnomes, Ranger Gnomes, Climbing Manotaurs, and Mad Monkeys. Dipper Pines
A1-6: Canopy Descent Spiked Gnomes, Manotaurs, and Slider Monkeys. Dipper Pines
A1-7: Crystalline Frost Gnomes, Crystal Rabbits, Puke Fairies, and Slider Monkeys Dipper Pines
A1-Boss: Gnome Assembly Gnome Monster, Gnomes, and Charging Manotaurs. Dipper Pines/Mabel Pines (after defeating the Gnome Monster).

Area 2: Downtown Hijinx

Name Enemies Playable Characters (Story Mode)
A2-1: Pixel Invaders Pixel Punchers, Stafragmites, and Newspaper Swatters. Dipper and Mabel Pines
A2-2: Downtown Dilemma Pixel Punchers, Newspaper Swatters, Pixel Gliders, and Glitch Gnomes. Dipper and Mabel Pines
A2-6: Bit by Bit Pixel Warriors, Glitch Gnomes, Pixel Punchers, and Pixel Gliders.
A2-7: Games Alive Glitch Gnomes, Pixel Warriors, Pixel Gliders, Error Squashers, and Antimotions.
A2-Boss: Fight Fighters Icicle Rumble McSkirmish, Pixel Warriors, Minterinos, and Pixel Punchers. Dipper and Mabel Pines

Area 3: Cool Cool Clearing

Name Enemies Playable Characters (Story Mode)
A3-1: Telekinetic Chills Triangle Minis, Triangle Lasers, and Acute Spikesters. Dipper and Mabel Pines
A3-Boss: Gideon on the Attack Gideon Gleeful, Triangle Lasers, and Obtuse Obstructers. Dipper, Mabel, and Grunkle Stan (defeat Gideon)

Hidden Area: Throwback Station

Throwback Station is unlocked by defeating every boss as all of the four default characters. It only has four levels, and the last one is a boss. 

Name Enemies Playable Character(s)
HA-1: Green Hills Moto Bugs, Chompers, Buzzbombers, and Gnomes. Dipper and Grunkle Stan
HA-2: Shroom Underground Gnomes, Gloombas, Koopas, Charging Manotaurs, and Piranha Plants. Mabel
HA-3: Ghost Maze Ghosts, Pac-Chompers, and Triangle Minis. Wendy
HA-Boss: Creepy Forest Slender Man, Manotaurs, Mad Monkeys, Charging Manotaurs, Gnomes, and Gnome Monster. All


Multiplayer in this game consists of two modes; Exploration and Minigame Mayhem. In Exploration, two to four players will go through levels from the game. In Minigame Mayhem, you and your friends can play minigames to obtain the trophy!


There are a total of 16 minigames, and eight are unlockable.

Gnomes Away Fire as many gnomes as you can at the target before time runs out! Easy
Several Timez Dance-Off! Remember the moves and master them against Several Timez. Easy
Weapon Tossing Use your weapon to take out the cardboard cutouts of enemies. Medium
Faked Out Determine which one of the shots is real. Medium
Stan's Merchandise Mix-Up Find where the merchandise is supposed to go, and put it there before Stan comes back! Hard
Dreamscraper Memories Locate the specific memory quickly, as the person is about to wake up. Hard
Conflict Boat  Play Dipper and Mabel's version of Battleship against an opponent. Changes depending on opponent.
Manhandle Pancakes Test your strength and win some virtual real pancakes! Depending on your strength.

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