Graviton/Volume II
Logo by Sr. Wario.
Author Withersoul 235


Illustrator Unknown.
Publisher Fantendo
Series Graviton
Genre Comedy, action-adventure
Age Ratings
No. of Pages 73
No. of Comics 2
Previous Comic Volume I
Next Comic Volume III

The second volume of the Graviton series differs with the first:

  1. The volume contains 2 comics instead of one. (The more, the merrier !)
  2. The first volume was way shorter, and was merely to introduce the readers to the series.


One day, Viper was planning how to get Bridge. The gravitation belt was total loss, and it makes no sense to create a new one. So what ? Suddenly, Aquasom came in super fast and bumed into Viper. "What the... are you doin' ?" Viper said. Aquasom told he finally had a plan: to release Hatzegopteryx on the isle. They sure would grab Bridge into their beaks and fly off. The next day, several friends of Bridge dissapear. Bridge sets off to search for his buddies. He asks the constables for help, but they couldn't do anything for him other than grab the citizens' attention with "Missing" posters. Afte Bridge's first search, he gets attacked by Pteranodons. Bridge merely escapes, but notices all of the "Missing" posters ripped off. Meanwhile, Viper fed his pterosaurus, and trapped his hostages in the fortress. Having them tied to poles by using chains, he laughs evily, knowing that Bridge won't be able to stop him, only for the latter to appear at the doorway. Viper quickly tries to get to his closet full of snickersnees and poniards, but is stopped by Bridge. After a long, fierce fight, Viper is kinocked into the ocean (again). The Hatzegopteryx quickly fly off, scared, and Bridge celebrates after freeing his friends.

Lizard Gags #1

Several hilarious gags and one-page comics that are made to entertain the reader, full of funny things such as anvil falling on Bridge's tail, Viper accidentally roping himself to a pole, Monitor getting a gateau thrown into his face, and more.


  • Bridge Lizard
  • Viper
  • Aquasom
  • Bridge's kids
  • Tron
  • Monitor
  • Cayman
  • Hatzegopteryx
  • Worm

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