The first volume of the Graviton comic series, based off the game Graviton.


Bridge Lizard was a tuatara with a wife and three kids. Once upon a day, humans discovered the Reptiliomorpha Isle, the place where Bridge lived along with many other reptiles, amphibians and Lepospondyli. His wife was taken and placed in a zoo in Belgium. Depressed by this event, Bridge gave up his job as insect terminator and spends the days from that terrible day onwards fishing. A year later, Viper (Various Intelligent Persons Endure Radiator) discovered the isle. His full name is Viper Anaconda... but he's a cobra ! His minions Cayman the Gharial, Toadfrog, Worm the Caecilian, Bombinatoridae Tsar, Aquasom the Salamander, The Newt, and most importantly, Monitor the Komodo Dragon. Viper attacked the isle, but Bridge quickly attacked him with a fishing rod (seriously ?). With it, Bridge pulled Viper out of a tree. He was surprise attacked by Monitor however, who hangs a "gravitation belt" at his tail. Bridge quickly gets rid of them all. He then goes home, to his kids. When he wakes the next morning, he realizes he is lying on the ceiling. The belt did this, unbeknownst to Lizard. The latter hears his kids screaming for help. He goes outside just to witness the death of his youngest kid (6 years), who is strangled and intoxicated by Viper and devoured. Bridge, infuriated by this, gives chase and attacks Viper, knocking the remote used to change gravity out of his tail (which Viper curled around the remote to hold it), making the gravity change at random intervals. Bridge met many friends on his quest, defeated Worm the Caecilian and Toadfrog, then finally confronts Viper. A giant battle occurs, with Bridge hovering around when the gravity changes. All of Viper's other minions opened fire on Bridge, but this destroys the gravitation belt. Bridge, now finally discovering that the belt changed gravity. Viper however, puts his two remaining kids (two twins of 9) in mind control, and they attack him. When Bridge is defeated however, they refuse to kill him, making Viper mad, and causing him to attack the twins with poison. Bridge quickly lashes out at Viper, causing him to lose balance and fall into sea. His minions, scared by this, quickly run off. Viper, however, continues to live in the sea as a sea snake, and his terror and reign is not over yet...


  • This is probably the shortest Fantendo - Drive volume.

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