Grassy Plains is the first world of Super Mario World U. The world is very similar to Acorn Plains and features a Hammer Bro. as the enemy course. There are a total of 10 levels in the world. Grassy Plains-5 has a secret exits which takes you to Autumn Woods.


Grassy Plains-1 The Great Valley

The first level or the game. Grassy area with many pipes and the Super Acorn.


Grassy Plains-2 Boulder Caverns

An underground cavern with lots of tunnels.


Grassy Plains-3 Grass Ledge Steppes

Grassy Plains-A Pipeland Hills

Grassy Plains-Fortress Reznor's Mortar Tower

Grassy Plains-4 Mushroom Skies

Grassy Plains-5 Beetle Bridges

Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 5.35.13 PM

Reznor's Mortar Tower

Grassy Plains-6 Cheep-Cheep Lake

[[Iggy Koopa|
200px-Hammer Bro. Party 8

Hammer Bro.


Grassy Plains-7 Paratroopa Way

Grassy Plains-Castle Iggy's Throwback Castle

Enemies Introduced

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