Grassy Hill is the first world in Extreme Mario World. It is grass themed. There are blue rocks, mushroom, and short green trees. The boss is Larry. The enemy course is a Koopa Troopa.


Grassland Way

The first level in the game. The enemies are Goombas and Koopa Troopas

Shy Guy Caves

A cave level with crystals, Shy Guys, and Piranha Plants

Yoshi's Grassy Mountain

A mountain level with Yoshi, Monty Moles, and Venus Fire Traps. Boom Boom will be standing on his tower at the end of the level.

Koopa Net Tower

The first fortress of the game. There will be fences with Koopa Troopas. The boss is Boom Boom who spins around the room.

Fungi Highroad

A sky level with mushrooms and Paratroopas

Grassy Shore

A beach level with Goombas and Cheep Cheeps. At the end of the level, Larry's ship will be circling his castle.

Larry's Brick Block Castle

The first castle in the game. There will be Brick Blocks, Dry Bones, tightropes, and Thwomps. The boss is Larry.

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