Grassy Greens Galaxy is the first galaxy in New Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is an area with few enemies, namely Goombas and Octoombas. It introduces Mario to the 3D-based gameplay found in the game. As additional support, a Luma guides Mario through the first mission. After completing it, Mario will go to Starship Mario and meet Lubba. It features small planets and green plains.


Starting Planet

This is a small, disc-shaped planet. On the front is a green area where Mario can experiment. On the backside is a dirt area with a Life Mushroom and a Launch Star.

Octoomba Cylinder Planet

This planet is in a 2D layout. The player will have to battle Octoombas (and a single Goomba) to get across. The launch star is at the end of the cylinder.

Flower Planet

A small planet with flowers. After defeating the octoombas, Mario can progress.

Grass Planet

Another small planet. In the first mission, the power star is found here.

Tower Planet

In the second mission, the player will have to climb this tall tower while battling Goombas, Octoombas, Spinies, Lakitus and Elite Octoombas, as well as the odd Magikoopa, to reach the star.


Welcome to the Galaxy

Mario will land on this mission, and a Luma will guide him through the course.

Enemies found:



Climbing the Tall Tower

Mario will land on the starting planet, and after progressing through the second Octoomba planet, the launch star will instead take him to the tower planet. The star is found at the end.

Green Star

In the Flower Planet, Mario, instead of taking care of the Goombas, should back-flip. He should, with a star spin, get the star.

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