Grass Town
Grass Town is a town in the Quiful Barrett series, on the planet Ser. It is the main town, and serves as the home for Quiful Barrett. It is also the first level in every game.


Grass Town is a basic town filled with lots of grass. The weather is mostly sunny, but it varies at least twice every week. Light clouds can always be found. Residents of Grass Town live in huts or houses.

As a Level

Grass Town is a starter town, and often has a tutorial of how to play. Henry is always fought as a challenger.

In the beginning of Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo, Yaster gives Barrett a mandatory quest to collect his second FBG in this town. He fights an Itemite to do so, retrieving the Electric Bow. At the end of the level, Ronaldo is fought as a boss.