Grass Copter is Zikumo's main item that used twice, it was used to flying to air, it was only used by Zikumo and it only appears two times is Ep 42: Let's flying! and Ep 232:Nice Chaser, it acts like Bamboo Copter from Doraemon series

Grass Copter


  • In Ep 42, Zikumo using this to testing his flying, it did not used by Zikumo and not seen again until Ep 232
  • In Ep 232, Zikumo using this to carrying Rito and Naji to from the girls to prevent the girls from kissing Rito and Naji, after Zikumo using it, it never appear gain, althourgh Zikumo did not discard it


  • Grass Copter is very reference to gadget named Bamboo Copter from Doraemon series, as it has effects like Bamboo Copter.But different is Grass Copter is flying more faster than Bamboo Copter


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