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Grandmother Blissey
Grandmother Blissey
Grandmother Blissey is an elderly pokemon from Pokemon Journey. As her name suggests she is the grandmother of Pikachu - he calls her "Grandma". Grandmother Blissey has been apart of many events in Pokemon History. She tells stories all about her time as a young Chansey and even sometimes Happiny. She play a very important role in Pokemon Journey as the stories she tells often relate to a level, for example: she tells a story about a hotel that flooded as she was staying there, she mentions hidden passages the Pikachu and his friends need to use to complete the level.


Grandmother Blissey looks just like a normal Blissey, however, her skin tone is rather pale and she has wrinkles around her eyes (her wrinkles are only noticable in her promo artwork).


Grandmother Blissey is a very kind and helpful Pokemon, she does however, have a secret darkside.


  • In the Beta game Grandmother Blissey is a Jynx.
    • This was most likley changed due to the creation of Arcueen.

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