The Grandmaze from above

The Grandmaze is a location in The Throne of Dream Land. It was destroyed at the end of the game, but was the principal location where most of the action took place.


The Grandmaze was created by KAOS-com at some point in the past. It was launched into space for unknown reasons, and came to rest on Dream Land. King Dedede repurposed it as a giant execution chamber. It remained so for 50 years, still controlled by KAOS-com. It was used to contain Gimmick V and numerous dangerous criminals.


The Grandmaze has a number of obstacles it can instantly manifest. These include:





As noted by Prince Bebebe, it is perpetually dark inside the Grandmaze.

When the Grandmaze was released as a software and "mazed" all of Dream Land, it caused people to get lost after 3 steps anywhere.

Gimmick V was aware of a weak point at the center of the Grandmaze. When he struck this, the Grandmaze was shattered and KAOS-com suffered extreme pain. This implies that the Grandmaze was an extension of KAOS-com's self.

Possible reconstruction

If KAOS-com is alive, he will probably construct a new Grandmaze, or a replacement of some kind.

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