Starting off

  • This car flips back up if it flips upside down this mission, so you can drive as wrecklessly as you want.

Stuck in the House

  • The mission fails if you blow up the car they are in, so do not use a rocket launcher.
  • They will not talk to any police in police cars, so you dont need to destroy the police cars.
  • At the roundabout, they go round the roundabout twice, so stop on the roundabout and shoot them when they get to you.

Feet and balls

  • Josh gives you a rocket launcher; so there is no need to go to a weapon store or use the cheat code.

John to chase

  • If you don't have much time, when you get to the rooftop, you can just shoot the man instead of having to go through the choices.

Salvo's chopper

  • The back of all helicopters are full of blowup dolls. If you are wanted by the police, push out a blowup doll and your wanted level will go down, due to them having to check if it was a person. This only works in missions though, if you do it in free roam it will increase your wanted level.


  • Once you get down to one wanted level, if you try to reduce your wanted level with a cheat, your wanted level will go back to level 5.

Nice Knife

  • If you go into the streets, the police will see and arrest leagan.


  • If you text the word "barrels" to any of John's contacts, all barrels will expload.

Social Clubs

  • This mission ends when the clock gets to 10am, or when the player has sex 2 times.
  • If you go into the staff room, the female will give you a bj, which counts towards the sex, and you dont need to impress her first. This only works once

Bank Hit

Easy as Pi

  • If you kiss the teacher before she suggests it, the mission will fail and a clip of John using the time reversal cheat is shown.
  • There is a jetpack in the graveyard opposite the school, so you can get into the school from the roof with that, without the cameras spotting you.
  • If you shoot the cameras, staff will come, but if you throw snowballs at the cameras, they will assume it was kids and won't come.
  • If you come in from the right, at the top floor, there is a snitch outside room 9 that will call staff on you if you walk past her, so come from the left.
  • If you keep kissing the teacher, eventually she will ask for sex, in a different room, which will fail the mission, so don't take too long.

I fahking loved your match



  • Put in details other than John Mogwai's or the mission will be failed. After this mission your details will be changed to John's.

Anger to a henchman

  • If you shoot his croutch, he will start crying and staff will come.
  • The boy only has a baseball bat, so he cannot harm you from far.

Anger to a hencham pt2

  • You can just drive to the strip club and wait for Latorie to come, and kill him then rather than driving after him.
  • If you get too close to the stripper in the private room, the man paying her will attack you.

Booty Call


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