Grand Theft Auto Online II will be the long awaited sequal of Grand Theft Auto Online which will come in Summer 2018 for the U.S. a little bit after the release of its single player counterpart Grand Theft Auto VI (S0UND3FX69 version). Unlike Grand Theft Auto Online you can make up to 4 Grand Theft Auto Online II Protagonists which will share their own character wheel, be able to get piercings, breast implants & deal drugs, be able to shape your characters face & nose etc. however you want, be able to manufacture your own vehicle mods etc., & be able to do basically whatever you can imagine. The possibilities in this game are pretty much limitless!


Coming Soon.


You can see this info on Grand Theft Auto VI (S0UND3FX69 version)


  • Cargo Overload
  • White Project


Unlike in Grand Theft Auto IV & Grand Theft Auto Online you could put borders in your Deathmatches where gang members will be hostile against you (unless if wearing a disguise & having facepaint on if you don't fit in with your skin. These are the announced Deathmatches so far.

  • Surf N' Turf
  • San Fiero Vibe 
  • Fiesco


Unlike in Grand Theft Auto IV & Grand Theft Auto Online you can make forced vehicles & you can choose any vehicle in the game because you can have the option to be able to use as much vehicle classes as you want bringing a huger variety in choices. These are the races announced so far.

Land Races

  • Tutorial Race (replayable but only with non AI's)
  • Short Circuit
  • Grand Turismo

Sea Races

  • Big Gulf
  • Tsunami Rage

Air Races

  • Breeze Burn
  • Sidewinded


Unlike in Grand Theft Auto Online you can have the option to add emergency services to Parachuting where guns are allowed etc. These are the parachute races announced so far

  • Parasuite
  • High Peak


Unlike Grand Theft Auto Online you're able to set the amount of waves & how much people are in each wave. The less people in a wave the harder each person is. You can even have emergency services on if you like for an extra challenge! These are the announced Survivals so far.

  • Chinatown Survival
  • FIB Survival
  • IAA Survival
  • Lost MC Survival
  • Grove Street Families Survival
  • Ballas Survival
  • Angles Of Death Survival
  • San Fiero Triads Survival
  • San Fiero Rifa Survival
  • Da Nang Bang Survival

Gang Attacks

Unlike in Grand Theft Auto Online there's a stat for gang relationships & depending on the level of that you will get more wars with a specific gang than with other gangs. & for an extra challenge you can turn emergency services on! These are the announced Gang Attacks so far.

  • Chinatown Gang Attack
  • Butt Peaks Gang Attack
  • Construction Site Gang Attack
  • Easter Bay Gang Attack
  • San Fiero International Airport Gang Attack

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