Grand Opening is the first episode of NEOBOMB.


The episode begins with the sound of an alarm. A few rugged soldiers in silver armor charge through a dark hallway, prepared to attack.

Soldier 1: We have to fight back against those imperial forces. Alright men, on me!

Soldier 2: Copy that.

The troops head out into an open area filled with enemy soldiers, who are all clad in red armor. The war goes on...

Meanwhile, a teenage girl with wings rushes through a chamber with a man and a woman, presumably her parents.

Man: Keep running, S. We'll catch up.

S: B-but... aren't you guys coming?

S's Mother: We can't. We're in our 40s, we can't run as fast as you can.

S: I don't want to lose either of you!

S's Father: It's your only option... please, just go.

S's Mother: Listen to him... or else you'll be shot too... hurry, get into that time machine over there.

S: And then what...?

S's Father: Stop Kira... make sure none of this ever happens... I love you...

S: I-I love you too.

S enters the machine and sets the time thirty years back, and watches as her parents collapse before Kira's troops. The machine then fades away.

The episode then cuts to Umbra Shader and Andromeda coming out of a warehouse.

Andromeda: Nope, nothing in there.

Umbra: I was hoping we'd find something good... after all, the "Needlenam was Here" message spray-painted at the front had me interested.

Andromeda: Yup. And "Zeon"... I don't remember a planet with that name.

Umbra: Who cares? We're in 2016, of course we won't remember it.

Andromeda: I guess you're right... although it does seem very primitive.

Umbra: You're talking to a guy who was stuck in the 79th century for most of his life when he was born in 1998. I know how that feels.

They remain silent as they look around this "primitive" world for a while.

Umbra: Hey... want to find a good restaurant?

Andromeda: Pfft. As if any restaurants here would be any better than the Dieglex Pizzaco Bar.

Umbra: Eh, I dunno... that name just doesn't sound right.

Andromeda: Well, I'm up for it if you are.

Umbra: OK then... let's start looking.

They begin to search the streets around them, as S appears from behind a tree, watching their every move.


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