The Granado is a home console made and developed by Nintendo-Chrome Studios, it combines work from all Nintendo consoles and features options for 3D Viewing if compatible with a 3D Television. It comes with eShop and Nintendo Shop and includes 9 ONPs (Off-Network Peripherals), which include Google Glass and Nexus Connecters which allow you to have the Granado Experience in other places than your own home. It also includes ODPs (On-Device Peripherals) like the Webcam which can FaceTime with people far away in the comfort of your living room.

The official video, confirmed the release date was going to be 2017 but postponed to 2020 due to Wii W and Wii X projects also being postponed, it also confirmed the following games will be released with the Granado, those games are: Yoshi Island: Atolls, Revolt of Bowser, Super Mario 2020 and many more. The official video presented by Satoru, made it's cameo appearance in the US & Canada during the ad break during Modern Family on ABC and in UK during the ad break during Emmerdale on ITV and in Asia during Glee on Star TV, it, however did not appear in mainland Europe nor Latin America and did not appear in Australia or Oceania. Regular updates on the Granado are being fed through the Nintendo Youtube Channel. 

Release Dates

The current release dates are listed below, depending on the profit market of the previous major console: Wii X. Note: Some of the countries are grouped to reduce the list.

Country Release Date Wii X Profit Position Shop Notes
Far East 17.7.20 2 Nintendo Online




Europe 19.7.20 3 Tesco, Aldi, Amazon
Canada 31.7.20 6 7/11 Canada, Amazon Not available in Nunavut
USA  18.7.20 1 Amazon, Walmart



South Africa 31.9.20 12 Amazon
Malaysia 21.12.20 63 Amazon
Thailand 21.12.20 64 Amazon
Indonesia 29.2.21 81 Amazon
Bandar Seri Begawan 1.3.21 83 Amazon
Australia 14.8.20 10 Kmart
Russia 14.9.20 18 Kmart
Africa 18.7.20 17 Amazon
ROW 19.7.20


Granado's creators hope that Granado will be warmed to as the Wii did and that it will have the popularity that XBOX and PlayStation have with teens but also with adults and children. Preview release in Japan led to the Japanese saying that they 'want it out in stores now'.

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