One Day Before

Graduation Day: Chapter 2 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Ruka: Alright...let's see...The Idiot's Guide to the Human Body: microPad version...

[Ruka begins to read...]

Ruka: Thought processes are usually handled in something called a "brain", the head, which in this diagram is above where I'm located. Between me and this "head" is a tube-thing. So all I have to do is go up...that what it says in this little- no wait, this says "throw up."

[Ruka pauses.]

Ruka: Throw up what?

Outside Amy...

Amy: Um, no...I don't remember discussing any "special, romantic things" with you, Sixty.

Sixty: What? But, last night, you said...and the party...and...

Amy: Uhh...nope, can't remember. But, it does sound nice. Bye!

[Amy walks down the hall. Yes, it's another Free Day at school.]

Sixty: What happened to her? Did she suddenly forget? Is she lying? What-

[Out of the corner of his eye, Sixty spots Eight suspiciously stepping away...]

Sixty: Eight! Do you know anything about Amy and her memory being gone?!

Eight: Umm...yes, I do, actually.

Sixty: Well then, tell me!

Eight: Okay, okay, here's what I saw. Amy, right, she was walkin' home, then BAM! Uh...Jimmy!

Jimmy: Huh?

Eight: Yeah, Jimmy! I see Jimmy walkin' up to Amy with this weird mind-control gun-

Jimmy: Mind-control gun?

Eight: -and he was like, "Yo Amy, see what I got here? This is gonna erase yo' mind right here, you get what I'm sayin'?"

Sixty: Really?

Eight: Yeah. You can guess what happened next.

Sixty: Hey! Jimmy!

[Inside Amy.]

Ruka: After hours of examination and context clues, I have come to the conclusion that Amy is the one that will throw up what's inside this dark cave if I try to go up the tube thing. So, I guess I can't "break the ties". But do I really have to kill her? Sounds a bit violent.

[Ruka looks around for an answer, and spots an unconscious corpse.]

Ruka: Who's that?

[Ruka slithers his liquid body over to the corpse and tries to lift it. It is Dimentio! (You remember when he was accidentally eaten, right?).]

Ruka: Please come back to life! I need a friend!

Dimentio: need...Arend...?

Ruka: No, what's that? I said I need a friend.

Dimentio [regaining consciousness]: Oh. Well, I'm Dimentio, former leader of the Void. I got eaten, I see. And you are?

Ruka: My name? I don't know. Eight always called me Ruka, but I overheard him one day say that my name was an...

Dimentio: An?

Ruka: An...ankronim?

Dimentio: An acronym. It means the letters in your name each stand for words that goes together.

Ruka: Oh. Well, I'm working on a plan...

Back at Eight & Sixty's school...

Jimmy: Don't make up stories about me, you jerk.

Eight: Ow...okay.

[Eight gets up off the floor.]

Eight: Sheesh, he has a hard hit.

[Sixty walks back over to Eight.]

Sixty: Alright, what did you do to her?!

Eight: Me? What about...uh...Michael...maybe John, I don't know!

Sixty: So, you're saying you have no idea why Amy does not remember our talk last night?

[Inside Amy.]

Ruka: It involves this "brain" that apparently all humans have. It makes choices and sends messages that trigger actions for the person it's inside. I need some way to get to this girl's so I can "break her ties" with a boy. That's what Eight said.

Dimentio: Sounds hard. Any other plans you got?

Ruka: Eight said the only other option is to kill her.

Dimentio: Oh...well, I can see if my teleport powers work, but it requires a lot of energy. Energy I don't know if I have anymore.

Ruka: Also, I've been researching this whole "eating" thing that people do. I figured it could be useful since we're apparently inside where the food goes. See, the humans have these eating times. There are 3 for most people. If we can time this girl's, we can avoid being covered in her meals. Understand?

Dimentio: I see. So, when's the next t-

[Ruka and Dimentio get covered by random lunch things.]

Ruka: Speak of the devil.

Dimentio: Yeah, devil's food. Ha!

Ruka: I don't know what the heck you're talking about, and even I know that's a bad joke.

Back to Eight...

Eight [walking home]: God, that Sixty! Sooner or later he'll find out it was me. I'm pretty sure he knows already. I hope Ruka's doing his job. What I did was supposed to help him...

[Eight transforms into Sixteen, an alternate form he got from the Void.]

Sixteen: With this form's added power I'll give that Ridiculous User Kommanded Amoeba one final push. I still don't get the name. He's much bigger than a microscopic amoeba. Oh well, the Void can be weird like that.

[Sixteen, before running off, here's Sixty coming up the hill.]

Sixteen: Oh boy. Gotta run!

[Sixteen runs off.]

Sixty: I think I heard someone running. Did you?

Amy: No, why?

Sixty: I bet it was Eight. He's out to get you, you know.

Amy: Oh, stop. He didn't erase my memory. You're lucky I still remember all that's happened to us, or I wouldn't be with you right now.

Sixty: That's supposed to make me feel better?

Amy: No, but- there's that pain again!

Sixty: And heeere we go, with the on-and-off pain.

Amy: It's gone.

Sixty: Yeah, yup, sure it's-

Amy: Back!

Sixty: My god!

Will Ruka and Dimentio succeed in their plan?

What's Sixteen's "final push"?

The final chapter is almost here...

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