Gradius 2012 - Mission Reborn
Gradius 2012 - Mission Reborn
Developer(s) Expert Studios
Publisher(s) Clover Entertainment
Platform(s) Hybrid Fusion

Nintendo IC

Release Date(s)
Singleplayer , Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Shoot 'em up
Gradius 2012 - Mission Reborn is a new game of Gradius series. The game shows the return of Vic Viper and other things.


In year 2012 , the wheaterman from NASA predicted a meteor shower coming from a distant galaxy know as "Lumionsa" , without a choice , the NASA team make a new ship with debris of original Vic Viper and created Vic Viper X. Commanded by Captian Oluskt , Vic Viper X flys for your first system.


The game have a option to play with three ships :

Ship Name Number Weapon Unlockable by...
Vic Viper
Vic Viper X BP 592A Normal Laser He's already unlockable
Lord British
Lord British LS 379G Special Laser Find her in Stage 4
Alpinia WC 672H Black Laser Complete the game.


Like other Gradius series , Gradius 2012 is a 2D Shoot' em up game , in which the player needs defeats enemys and collect power-ups , the game have 3 different types of power-ups :

  • Laser-Type : This power-ups upgrade the ship laser.
  • Missile-Type : This power-ups upgrade the ship missile support.
  • Option : This power-ups are attack forms.



Name Icon Usage Used in Multiplayer
1 Line Laser
Line Laser
Destroy a enemys in a row. Yes.
2 Cyclone Laser
Cyclone Laser
Shoot a laser in Cyclone form. No.
3 Twin Laser
Twin Laser
Shoot two lasers. Yes.
4 Thrust Laser
Thrust Laser
Shoot directly on the enemy. Yes.
5 Energy Laser
Energy Laser
When hit the enemy , recover your health Yes.


Name Icon Rarity Used in Multiplayer
1 Multiple
Usually Yes
2 Rolling
Usually (after get Multiple form) Yes
3 Snake
Rare Yes
4 Core
Rare (only used in Boss Fights) No
5 Seed
Usually (It's a multiplayer-only option) Yes


Stage Used in Multiplayer? Boss
1 Solar System Yes Big Core MK IV
2 Black Hole No Alien Monster
3 Unnamed Planet Yes Giga
4 Luminsa's Dimension Yes Big Eye
5 Meteor Shower No Gregol
6 Planet Factory No Crystal Moai
7 Reaching to the Core Yes Bloody Gate
8 Luminsa's Core No Zelos Force


Boss Name Stage
Big Core MK IV
Big Core MK IV Solar System
Alien Monster
Alien Monster Black Hole
Giga Unnamed Planet
Big Eye
Big Eye Luminsa's Dimension
Gregol Meteor Shower
Crystal Moai
Crystal Moai Planet Factory
Bloody Gate
Bloody Gate Reaching to the Core
Zelos Force
Zelos Force Luminsa's Core



One out of five...


Nintendo VR

The game has been re-released for the Nintendo VR with enchanced graphics and a multiplayer mode.

Neptune Z

The game has been also re-released for the Neptune Z featuring more levels, bosses, ships, this version is called "Gradius 2012 - Mission Reborn Code: X2" is released along with the special edition of Space Invaders (2012 game)


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