Gradient Hue/old/old is a game by Omegaverse Corp. and two or maybe three other companies. It stars the main character Gradient and others and it is an action-RPG with lots of similarities to Kingdom Hearts and Platinum Rise, causing the author to title it an akingdomheartstion-RPlatinumG.


Gradient, Shade and Kalico are found as orphans in a city called Dye. They grow up under the care of Doctor Alliance, who dies in a fire three years later. The three are then adopted by a superstitious old woman named Miss Elliot, who cuts their hair one day and finds a patch of lime green on their heads, and she believes it is a sign of a curse. Two days later Miss Elliot was reported missing. They are then adopted by Jacob Smith, a young man who is then sent to jail the next week. They are finally adopted by a robot named Caretaker Bot who takes care of them until they are all 12/13/14, but the robot goes crazy later. The three are very good friends by then, but Dye is attacked by an army called the Iguana Battalion and the leader Greyscale tells them that they have a curse that causes whoever helps raise them will have very bad luck. The Iguana Battalion attempts to destroy the three friends but they escape into a wormhole...

For the full story with scenes taken from each of the Dimension descriptions, see here

The Dimensions

The characters then go through several different "dimensions" not unlike the Kingdom Hearts franchise or Platinum Rise. Here is a list of all the dimensions. The tiers mean that they are unlocked at the same time - for example, after Battle Frontier, you could go to any Tier 1 world, but you must beat them both to enter Tier 2 worlds (since each Tier world gives you a Halfcharm, and joining two Halfcharms together opens more wormholes into the next tier) Additionally, you must play the second Tier 3 world after beating the first Tier 3 world.


Frontier Brains