For the old game with the same name, see Gradient Hue/old.

Gradient Hue is an action-RPG created by Arale. It is based off of an old game they made a long time ago, though it is quite different. Gameplay and style is very similar to the Kingdom Hearts series, as per the original.


Gradient lives in Broken Gate, a very small town that is generally unknown to outsiders. One day, Gradient learns from a strange man named Tenagrid that Broken Gate is quite literally seperated from the rest of Earth, and is actually one of many worlds arranged in a circular pattern, each a piece of a looped chain. A bunch of strange monsters, an army called The Union, is marching around the loop, "uniting" the worlds, which is really a euphamism for "pillaging". They are about to strike Broken Gate, and Tenagrid advises Gradient escape to the next world to avoid them. Gradient is given the Abscond Hoop, and uses it to escape.

under construction




  • Broken Gate
  • Equestria
  • The Medium
  • Ooo
  • Black Mesa
  • Gensokyo
  • Gravity Falls
  • New Pork City
  • Zone 1

more coming



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