Gothic Beats (placeholder name) is a 3D action adventure game, not unlike the Legend of Zelda series in gameplay, developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya.


Rufus Crowe, a vampire hunter, receives an anonymous tip that a powerful vampire is in hiding in the town of Silverwick. Upon arrival, however, he finds that the town's problems extend beyond vampire infestation; the Gh'frask, a group of incredibly powerful malevolent beings, have an interest in the town for whatever reason, as seen by the abundance of their minions (who usually remain outside of human sight) and cultists worshiping them.

Rufus discovers that he is actually the father of Everett and Garnet, both of whom are dhampyrs (half-vampires), who have all the abilities of vampires without the weaknesses, and he was himself once a vampire. After the death of his wife from old age (while Rufus, due to the vampirism, was still young), Rufus discovered a way to cure his vampirism using the blood of a Gh'frask; upon summoning and killing one of them, however, the remaining Gh'frask noticed and decided to take revenge on the Redgrave family. Rufus escaped from Silverwick and had his own memories erased. However, without his memories he became a vampire hunter which allowed his son to easily lure him back to Silverwick, hoping to use him to kill the remaining Gh'frask (since he was the only man who had ever performed the feat).


  • Rufus Crowe: The playable character, a vampire hunter who came to Silverwick to investigate rumours of vampire presence.
  • Everett Redgrave: The leader of the Redgrave family, and a powerful vampire.
  • Garnet Redgrave: Everett's younger sister.
  • Gaius Ashington: A citizen of Silverwick, and self-proclaimed leader in the absence of a mayor or council.
  • Odessa Ashington Gaius's daughter who was bitten by a vampire, which prompted Rufus to be called.


  • Silverwick Woods: The woods which must be passed through to reach Silverwick.
  • Silverwick: The hub of the game, each dungeon is connected to it.
  • Crypt of Eyes: A crypt located under the town's church, which was serving as the base of operations for a cult worshiping one of the Gh'frask.
  • Redgrave Castle: A castle belonging to the Redgrave family which towers menacingly over Silverwick.
  • Ashington Mansion: A mansion belonging to the Ashington family.



  • Hunter's Sword
    • Faustian Blade
    • Solar Blade
  • Crossbow


  • Violin of Crows: A magical violin passed down through the Crowe family, various songs can be performed upon it to perform different feats.




  • Scourge of Shroud: Reveals hidden objects nearby.

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