Goth Manor is an Eva Sims Series focused around the Goth Family's lives throughout the generations. Most of the Goth Manor's are set sometime before Victor Goth's Generation however one was set during and another set in the future. Each season has 5 long episodes and each are marked with a certain colored Plumbob.


01PlumbobRED - Goth Manor: Antichrist

08PlumbobPINK - Goth Manor: Ring Master

02PlumbobBLUE - Goth Manor: Blood and Water

03PlumbobGREEN - Goth Manor: Mountain Man

05PlumbobPURPLE - Goth Manor: Tempest

06PlumbobBLACK - Goth Manor: Coven

08PlumbobYELLOW - Goth Manor: Sticks and Stones

08PlumbobWHITE - Goth Manor: White Wedding


  • The Series was originally titled "Plumbob Tales".

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