Goshi is Boshi's twin brother. He is like Boshi in many ways, but is green and is nicer. He can also speak the human tongue.


Super Paper Bros.

Goshi is an optional character in Super Paper Bros., he will only join after a complicated mission. After Oshi joins the team, Oshi will ask Mario to go to Ice NGuard a small town near Yossy Island. Mario travelled there and found Yumshi II, then Mario travelled back to yossy island and reunited Yumshi and Yumshi II. The two brothers give Mario a key, which Mario takes to Darjeeling, the Darjeeling gives Mario a rock. Mario delivers this rock to Candy Kong who tells him to go to yossy Isle and shout, "ala hala, Jala Gala, Mario, Mario, Oiram, Oiran!" then a green egg appears, and Goshi appears next to it. Goshi then will pledge himself to the Hero of the Galaxy. Goshi is quick and powerful and is one of the best characters in the game on Nintendo DS.

Yoshi World

A similarly named Green Yoshi appeared in Yoshi World. Here he is the most heroic Yoshi. He also is the only Yoshi to be able to use the Tongue Grapple manuever.