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Hyrulean Royal Family

Gorons are a strong race of rock like people, they generally dwell within the mountainous regions. Despite their large and scary appearance they are a very peacful and generally kind race. They are often shown to be a more industrialised race than the others with their large steel mills however some of the other races consider them less intelligent probably due to their large muscles and the steretype of big strong dumb people.


Gorons are very large and tall they are almost twice the size of a Hylian or Human. They keep a diet of rocks and other minerals and as such they have rocky growths all over the bodies, recently these growths include rock nipples. Gorons can grow even larged though to extreme hights as seen in Biggoron however this appears to be a rare thing. They can curdle up into balls as they do when they are asleep, they can also use this to spring people particullarly Link into the air.


All the gorons in the game have been refered to as "him" and "he" and they have a habit of calling each other "Brother" so it is unknown if there are any females or if their females can be distinguised from their males. As such it is unknown how they reproduce if they are asexual or whether their females are just hidden and not seen.


The Goron culture seems to be based around "brotherhood", hounour and strength. They are one of the most social of all the races they share their hot springs with the Zoras and they also communicate and seem to have a good relationship with the Hylians of Kakariko village allthough when their leader is in distress they are all in distress.

They solve a lot of their disputes with sumo wrestling, a sport which is a favourite amongst the gorons, it gives them a chance to show off their strength. They are a simple race and they enjoy the simple things in life all though they are shown to be very skilled miners, craftsmen and even salesmen. They are good at what they need to do.


Ice Climber 2

If you use a Link amiibo whilst playing, you will unlock Death Mountain, Gorons appear as enemies.