Horror War
Developer(s) Phazonworks
Genre(s) Horror/Comedy-Adventure

Goosebumps: Horror War is a series of fiction that is based on R.L. Stine's Goosebumps books, made as an alternate tale to all the spinoff series out there: HorrorLand, Hall of Horrors, Most Wanted and SlappyWorld have an alternate story in this counterpart.

Telling the story of a monster hunter that puts together one of the biggest supernatural team-ups, Goosebumps: Horror War involves two supernatural sides vying for the fate of the world.


Goosebumps Gang

Assembled by the descendant of a long line of monster hunters, this unusual group of unlikely allies is dysfunctional, but may be humankind's only hope against the forces of the shadows.

Name Book Debut Abilities/Equipment Description
Robert None
  • Expert Tracker
  • Expert Combatant
  • Axe of Ares

Robert's family line has always been plagued by monsters - which is why they adapted shortly on to become monster slayers; but now, young adult Robert is the only one left, with his family killed off by Count Nightwing, leaving him with a thirst for vengeance and a need to stop all the evil monsters in the world.

He's slayed them all by now: vampires, werewolves, horrors, swamp monsters and many others (though he spared Gwendolyn when she agreed to help him hunt down Count Nightwing); his research and tracking skills have led him to discover HorrorLand, an amusment park used by crueler horrors to lure unsuspecting people. But after some help from Lizzy and Luke Morris, two siblings who got lured to the horrifying amusement mile, Robert now knows that HorrorLand is planned to be used by the foulest and most evil monsters out there to invade the human world and enslave humanity.

Refusing to stand by and let his world be invaded by the very creatures that killed his family, Robert resolved himself to stop them, with nothing but his wit, his vampiress ally, his arsenal, and a list of supernatural occurences and the people involved.

  • Expert Tracker - Having an intricate knowledge of a massive variety of monsters, Robert can track and locate any monster from memory - be it vampire, werewolf or horror. Robert also knows of all the habits most monsters typically possess, meaning he can narrow down locations of where they would normally be hiding.
  • Expert Combatant -
  • Axe of Ares - A mystical axe that once belonged to the Greek god of war Ares, this axe is only able to be wielded by those so deeply angry with their enemies that they are willing to "wage war" on them until their enemy is completely destroyed. (More Coming Soon)

Evan Ross Monster Blood
  • Temporary Monster Blood Enhancement
    • Enhanced Size
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Durability

Evan Ross had a lot of problems growing up, so much that a list is needed:

  • First he buys a simple toy known as Monster Blood, that ends up getting cursed by a witch to grow into a massive blob that eats anything that moves.
  • Then he deals with a piece of it that stuck to him on the plane ride to his new home.
  • And then, when he gets another can, his class pet hamster eats it and grows to gorilla size.
  • Not to mention, a simple prank on his cousin gave him an unexpected growth spurt.
  • Lastly, a new strain multiplied his school bully into a four-in-one pain hurricane.
Nowadays, he couldn't ask for a better life: his best friend Andrea (Andy, as she's known) is now a lot more than a friend; his new best friend is Conan, the bully who's now back down to 1 person; and Monster Blood is now his go-to when he gets a problem that need solving. Unfortunately, he's been getting quite a few predicaments that can't be solved by swallowing Monster Blood, especially all the free invites to Horrorland...
Carly Beth Cadwell The Haunted Mask
  • Mask Empowerment
Carly Beth's always had a bad taste in her mouth ever since she wore the Haunted Mask all those years ago, and fixed Steve Boswell when he wore a haunted mask of his own; now she's been trying to live a mask-free, relatively normal life with her new boyfriend Gary Steadman - though she little realizes that her exposure to the possessed masks will grant her new abilities according to the masks.
Mark Rowe How I Got My Shrunken Head
  • Jungle Magic
    • Telekinesis
    • Mind Control
A kid who was wound up in a scheme by an evil and greedy family to harness an ancient force of power, when Mark Rowe was twelve years old, he was caught up in a plot by the Hawlings family to extract the secret of ancient Jungle Magic (a force of nature that can be harnessed by select humans) from his Aunt Benna, who as it turned out had instilled him with it when he was 8 to protect it from the Hawlings; after the Hawlings were shrunken due to their own greed, Mark willingly gave up his Jungle Magic as it was too dangerous for one person to use.

But with things getting moved without Mark knowing about it, it seems Jungle Magic may still reside in Mark's being...

Grady Tucker The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
  • Typical Werewolf Abilities
    • Sharp Claws
    • Sharp Fangs
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Senses
    • Superhuman Agility

When his friend Will turned out to be the werewolf of Fever Swamp, Grady was forced to run for his life; but now he's older, wiser and a werewolf himself due to his prior tussle with Will. But due to the time he's had as a werewolf, he's much more in-control than Will was; now he's fighting to protect his family when the Horrors start hunting Werewolves for slavery...

Billy Deep Deep Trouble
  • D13 Aquatic Form
    • Powerful Crustacean Claw (Right Arm)
    • Durable Shell
    • Water Breathing
    • "Hydro Cannon" (Left Arm)
Sheena Deep Deep Trouble
  • D13 Aquatic Form
    • Fish Tail
    • Venomous Barbs
    • Water Breathing
    • Bioelectric Blasts
Michael Webster The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
  • Time Manipulation (Watch)
  • Quantum Time Beams (Stopwatch)
  • Superspeed
Trina O'Dell & Rocky the Dummy Night of the Living Dummy III
  • Ventriloquism
  • Firearm Expertise (Rocky)
Jack Johnson How I Learned to Fly
  • Flight
Franklin Lewis Stein None
  • Superstrength
  • Undead State
  • Eletctrokinesis
Gwendolyn Vampire Breath
  • Typical Vampire Abilities
    • Fangs
    • Blood Draining
    • Mesmerism
    • Flight
    • Enhanced Senses
  • Immunity to Sunlight
Though she served Count Nightwing and his brood for almost 3 whole centuries, Gwendolyn's a little sick of all the abuse she's taken from the Count and his bride Yvonne, even though she does the best job possible as their personal cupbearer; she plans to one day rebel against them, and with Robert hunting them down, she may just get her chance.
Skipper Matthews Attack of the Mutant
  • Elasticity
  • Shapeshifting

Horrorland's Masters

Name Appearances Data
Karloff Mennis
  • Escape from Karlsville
The man who ran the mysterious town of Karlsville, Karl's been busy since he got to HorrorLand: he's convinced the Horrors that the entire Earth should be theirs and not humanity's, and that with his leadership, they could take every last human on Earth and turn them into slavery; now the head of HorrorLand, which he intends to make into "Panic Park", Karl takes delight in the thought of making all humankind dirt under his feet.
Jonathan Chiller
  • The Horror at Chiller House
Nila Rahmad
  • Return of the Mummy
Doctor Maniac
  • Doctor Maniac VS Robbie Schwartz
Count Nightwing & Countess Yvonne
  • Vampire Breath (Nightwing)
  • Please Don't Feed the Vampire (Yvonne)
King Jellyjam
  • The Horror at Camp Jellyjam
Jillian and Jackson Gerard
  • Help, We have Strange Powers
Slappy the Dummy
  • Night of the Living Dummy
  • Night of the Living Dummy 2
  • Night of the Living Dummy 3
  • Bride of the Living Dummy
  • Revenge of the Living Dummy
  • Slappy New Year
The Hawlings Family
  • How I got my Shrunken Head
The Horrors
  • One Day at Horrorland


Each chapter being approximately an hour long, each tells its own story, ultimately culminating in the final confrontation of the Goosebumps Gang with HorrorLand's Masters.

For the full chapters, see Chapters.

Chapter Cast Villain(s) Setting(s) Story
Chapter 1:
Back with Vengeance
  • Robert
  • Gwendolyn
  • Count Nightwing
  • Countess Yvonne
  • Castle's Forest
  • Nightwing's Castle
  • HorrorLand
Setting out on his mission for vengeance against monsterkind, 17-year-old Robert is ready and willing to wage a war on the monsters that claimed the lives of his family - starting with the vampire Count Nightwing and his brood. But what started as a revenge mission will turn into a war that'll determine the fate of the world...
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18: Nightmare on Shock Street
  • Horrorland
  • Shock Street
Chapter 19
Chapter 20: Come Together
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30


  • A lot of characters have abilities similar to the series they debuted in.