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Wario Goop.png
SSB Wario Series
Availability Starter
Status Newcomer
Series Wario Land
Goop is a newcomer character in Super Smash Bros. Y, representing the game Wario Land: Shake It! Interestingly, the character originates as an unused enemy from said game, making Smash Y Goop's true debut.


Goop is a very short character, placing third in said category behind Cleffa and Kirby. This, combined with its ability to crawl and wall jump multiple times, make it a good character to avoid taking damage over long periods of time. Additionally, Goop is capable of surprisingly powerful attacks, especially smash attacks, though these are hampered by overall short range. In fact, Goop's primary weakness is his lack of range, as he only possesses one projectile (his Goo Blob special) and has low range on his melee attacks.


Normal Attacks

Standard Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Combo {{{neutral}}}
Side Tilt {{{side}}}
Up Tilt {{{up}}}
Down Tilt {{{down}}}
Dash Attack {{{dash}}}

Smash Attacks

Move Description
Up Smash {{{up}}}
Side Smash {{{side}}}
Down Smash {{{down}}}


Move Description
Grab {{{grab}}}
Pummel {{{pummel}}}
Up Throw {{{up}}}
Forward Throw {{{frwd}}}
Down Throw {{{down}}}
Back Throw {{{back}}}

Aerial Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Air {{{neutral}}}
Front Air {{{front}}}
Back Air {{{back}}}
Up Air {{{up}}}
Down Air {{{down}}}

Special Attacks


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