My Kid Pix Artwork-1

Goomby's current look.

Goomby is a Galoomba that is the best friend of Stevie the Chain Chomp. He has a scar on his left cheek, and face paint on both cheeks. Some of the face paint is on his scar, but he doesn't really think it hurts. He is also friends with Whomparat and Flutterai.


Goomby's parents died when he was young. He did not want to get adopted, so he ran away. One day while Goomby was climbing Mt. Core, he tripped on a rock and fell off the mountain. His left cheek was badly wounded, and he soon got a scar. Goomby soon met Stevie, and they became great friends. He later met Whomparat and Flutterai.


Stevie the Chain Chomp

He will appear as a playable character in this game.

Stevie DS

He wil appear as a playable character in this game.
My Kid Pix Artwork-7

Goomby in Stevie DS.

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