Goombulb NSMBVR
Goombulb's appearance in New Super Mario Bros. VR.
Species Origin Goomba
First Appearance Super Mario Radiance
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. VR
Notable Members
Koopa Troop

Goombulb is a Goomba enemy in Super Mario Radiance and New Super Mario Bros. VR. It attacks just like a normal Goomba, but appears in dark rooms underground to light the way for Mario. Mario can defeat them but jumping on them once, creaking the glass, then another to defeat. However, it is best to leave them be so that Mario can see his way through. Goomsday Wii saw the return of these walking lightbulbs, when Goomboss used the Scepter of Superiority to give light to the Gloombas.


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