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MPWii U Goomboss
Goomboss, King of the Goombas.
Gender Male
Class Boss
So.....the traitor returns....Ha! As if a puny shrimp like you has a chance against the great Koopa King himself! You can't even beat me!
Goomboss, Kenny Koopa: The Original Saga

Goomboss, also called King Goomba or Goomba King, is a recurring boss in the Super Mario series. He is a giant Goomba with a mustache and crown and was the first boss in Paper Mario but more recently appeared as a boss in Mario Kart DS on Baby Park.


Super Mario MHL

Goomboss reappears as and boss in Super Mario MHL.

Kenny Koopa: The Original Saga

Goomboss' Stats
Location Goomba Village
HP 145
Power 40
Defense 65
Koopa Points 100
Coins 145
Items 5 Koopa Kookies
1 Koopa Kracker

Goomboss appears as a boss in the game, Kenny Koopa: The Original Saga in the Goomba Valley stage.

Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure

Goomboss begins to appear as one of the bosses of Woody Woods. He's found in mother woody and only purpose there is to restore the Goomba's Glory.

Super Armando

Goomboss reappears in Super Armando as Mayor Goomboss, in Goomba City. He is the first boss.

Mario & Bowser

Goomboss is the bad guy in Mario & Bowser.

Sports Player

In the game Super Mario Sports Villain League he is a playable character instead of arms he uses Eyerock.

Hit By A Girl

Goomboss is the main villian in Super Princess Peach: Mushroom Kingdom's Drought, however; he is called
King Goomba Boss Battle

Peach using the Rage Vibe to stun King Goomba (Gomboss)

"King Goomba" rather than "Goomboss." He works for Bowser and steals Mushroom Kingdom's water supply.

K-Koopa (game)

Ugegeh... I, The Great Goomboss... Stumped by a Child!? How could this be Possible!?!? This is a... Ugh...
Goomboss' Final words in K-Koopa

, K-Koopa

Goomboss' Statistics

Attack 17
Defense 23

In K-Koopa, Goomboss is the boss of Goomba Valley, The tutorial world. As he explained on the Ship Koopair, Bowser and his Minions are willing to wipe out everything in the Mushroom Kingdom except their Fortresses/Themselves, Capture peach in the Process and recreate the kingdom in Bowser's image. In the first encounter, He only attacks with a predictable charge, But can take time to defeat. After he is defeated, he gives off 150 Star Energy and 210 Coins. He also announces that Bowser is going to send more troops at the player. And that this was not the final battle with him. He then summons his Goomba underlings to Hold Karl. He activates a Hidden cannon on the barrack floor, Takes Karl from the Goomba's With his mouth on his jacket and shoots him out of the cannon to Koopa Square.

2nd Encounter

Goomboss' Second Encounter

Attack 132
Defense 142

After his defeat in Goomba Valley, He returns as a Mini-Boss on the Airship Koopair. He stills attacks with a charge (Which is faster), But however has new attacks, Such as jumping into the air and attempting to squash the player and Rolling into the player. When defeated this time, He gives 1500 Star Energy and 2100 Coins.

RedYoshi's Universal Conquest

Goomboss appears in RedYoshi's Universal Conquest as the first boss to be battled in the game. He is battled two times. The player defeats him just like he or she would battle a regular Goomba. The first time he is defeated, the player earns a Grand Star. The second time the player earns a regular Power Star.

Set up for another beating

Goomboss returns in New Super Mario Bros YoYo Games, where he appears in Power Plains. He works for Iggy Koopa.

The tables have turned

After complete and utter destruction, Goomboss is reborn in Goomsday Wii. A regular Goomba is knocked into a magical cauldron and is turned into the leader of his people. After knocking Bowser off the throne, Goomboss gets his hands on the Scepter of Superiority. Intending to make his army of thousands into an army of trillions, Goomboss discovered that he needed a Mega Mustache in order to wield the Scepter's full potential. He was thus forced to wait while the Magikoopas performed their magic on his facial hair.

Super Mario Bros. Ultra

"Bwa ha ha! Do you remember me? I'm no ordinary Goomba... I am Goomboss!"

Goomboss, Super Mario Bros. Ultra

Goomboss is the Fortress Boss of World 1 in Super Mario Bros. Ultra. He works for Larry Koopa. You defeat him by first killing all the Goomba's he throws to you, then the Grant Goomba's, then the Mega Goomba's and the Himself.

Mario Basketball: Mushroom Tourney

Goomboss appears in a mission in Mission Mode. To complete the mission, you must throw the basketball at Goomboss. This takes 10 hits to knock him out (5 with the Golden Ball). When you throw the ball, Goomboss will try to bite the ball then shoot it off his sharp teeth. You have to dodge the ball, but it's shot at blazing speed. You have 2 minutes to complete the mission and you have 3 lives. This mission is easiest completed with the Golden Ball.

Mario & Luigi: Reign of Darkness

Goomboss is fought in Goomba Fields as the second boss in the game. He boasts low HP even for the point of the game he's fought at. Goomboss only has 36 health.

Super Mario Galaxy: The Legend of the Ultra Stars

Ha! I am no ordinary Goomba, I am Goomboss, the great poo-bah ------  well you get the point! 

---- Goomboss, Super Mario Galaxy: The Legend of the Ultra Stars

Goomboss reappers as the boss in the Jumbo Giant Galaxy. His battle takes place in a large room with giant blocks. In the fight you must grab the Spring Mushroom and powerbounce up to him and ground-pound him. After one hit the block he stands on rises, and yellow elevating platforms appear. You must get on one and repeat the process. Then the block will get higher and more moving platforms appear. Hit him once more and you get the Ultra Star.

Super Mario GameBox Demo

Behind the Boss Door in Mushroom Kingdom Way is a Goomba that Bowser transforms into Goomboss. The boss fight is similar to the fight done in Super Mario 64 DS, but with an added twist: the boss is protected by a shield and can only be harmed when the shield is destroyed. Destroying the shield is simple; a bomb must be thrown at the shield. Afterwards, Goomboss is vulnerable. After each hit, the shield is regenerated, but in a different color. Blue is the weakest, yellow is in between and red is the strongest. Once Goomboss is defeated, he pops into dust, opening the path to Toad Town.



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