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Goomboldier the Goomba
Full Name Goomboldier
Current Age 44
Date of Birth February 10, 1970
Gender Male
Species Goomba
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations

Goomboldier is a soldier paragoomba that works for Goomboss.  He has wings that allow him to fly away from danger.  Since he does not have arms, he cannot use any weapons.


Goomboldier appears to be a goomba that looks redderr than the other goombas.  He has green eyes and a blue collar attatched to his body for armor.  He has big eyebrows and brown shoes.  His wings are white.


Goomboldier isn't as dark as Soldier Guy, though he's still dark.  He is scared of big dangerous things.  He hates Mario and will do anything to stop him.  He likes to use his blood-stained teeth to bite things.  He is strong, but not as strong as Soldier Guy.