Goomblah is a Para-Goomba from Dinosaur Land who is not content with his current life, he finds himself very bored with his current life and wants some excitement so he decides to travel across the country.

Goomblah finds himself on the Twin Bridges when he runs across Yoyo and co. He tells them that he is on a great quest across the country to find all sorts of secrets and mysteries and maybe even fight some baddies, he raves on for a while when Chuck

interputs him and tells him that they're doing just that. Goomblah begs that Yoyo let him join the party, he agrees and Goomblah joins up.

Goomblah has two abilities he can fly Yoyo over lava and spikes as well as tattling on various enemies during battle only so it is different from previous tattle abilities.

At the end of the game Goomblah returns to his home on top of Chocolate Mountain and tells his family all about his adventures, it is shown that he remains quite the talker.

Talking his way into things

Goomblah is first encountered at the twin bridges where he tells Yoyo and his friends a long, long, long story about how he is going on a great adventure, only to be interupted by Chuck, learning that they are going on an adventure too Chuck joins up with them. He has the ability to fly Yoyo over lava and spikes and in battle he can tattle on foes.


  • Headbonk - Goomblah flies down and bonks foes on the head. It does 2 damage on normal, 4 on super and 6 on ultra. It takes no Yosi Points.
  • Tattle - Goomblah informs Yoyo of a foes, weak points, how much HP it has and it's attack pattern. It has no effect on the enemy allthough next time you face that particular species you will always know it's HP. It takes up no Yosi points and is available from the start.
  • Charge - Goomblah charges himself up and starts to glow a rainbow colour. He will do double the damage on the next attack turn. It takes up 2 Yosi Points and can only be used on Super Rank.
  • Multi-Bonk - Goomblah bonks every foe on the head until he misses a prompt. They each do four damage. It takes up 3 Yosi Points and can only be used on Ultra Rank.

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