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Goombit PMTSoT
Full Name Goombit
Current Age 20
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Location Toad Town
Current Status Alive
Class Hero, Magician
Main Weapon(s) Cards
Ability/ies Can attack w/ cards
Card Swarm
Aces R Wild
Vulnerable To Darkness
"Goombit the Great"
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Shards of Time

Goombit is a character who debuts in Paper Mario: The Shards of Time. He is a practicing magician who specializes in card tricks. He is also the first Party Member to be recruited; he is recruited in Toad Town, after Bowser kidnaps Peach.


Goombit first appears around the beginning of Chapter 1, where he is seen practicing his card tricks for a small crowd of people. Unfortunately, he doesn't do a very good job, and the disgruntled crowd soon disperses. He laments to Mario that he wanted to perform for the princess at her party, which is why he was practicing. He worries that he won't be good enough to impress her, however.

After Bowser shows up and kidnaps Peach, Goombit is the first person to approach Mario. He tells the plumber that he saw Bowser heading in the direction of the Midnight Forest. Mario quickly prepares to leave, but Goombit stops him and asks if he can accompany Mario. Mario agrees, and the two head towards their first stop; Koopa Village.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Goombit looks like any other Goomba, except he wears a plain cloak, and has black hair. He also has a single, downward-pointing fang sticking out of his mouth.


His Field Ability tells Mario about the world around him. Approaching an NPC (to make a miniature speech bubble appear over their heads) and using Goombit's Ability will tell Mario about that person. This Ability is also used in battle to reveal the enemy's HP as well as record their stats in the Tattlelog.


No Rank25 10
Super Rank30 15
Ultra Rank3520
Omega Rank4530


NameDesc.Base Dmg.No# of HitsEffectTarget(s)Action Cmd.Flower Pts.Rank
HeadbonkJump and strike the foe from above with your noggin.1 (Normal rank)
2 (Super rank)
3 (Ultra Rank)
4 (Omega rank)
5 (with Golden Cloak)
1 (normal)
2 (if Action Cmd. is used)
Damages foe.Any ground-bound or flying foePress "A" just as Goombit touches the foe.0Start
TattleTattle on the foe and reveals their stats to Mario.None1Reveals enemy stats.Any foePress "A" as the pointer hits the targeting reticule0Start
MultibonkHeadbonk the foe repeatedly.2 (Super rank)
3 (Ultra Rank)
4 (Omega rank)
5 (with Golden Cloak)
2+Damages foe. Does consecutive damage as long as the Action Cmd. is used.Any ground-bound or flying foe.Press "A" just before hitting the enemy.3Super
Card Swarm Ultra
Aces R Wild Send a flurry of cards to slice all foes. 5-8 (depending on how much the attack is "charged" by pressing "A" repeatedly; max power raises to 9 if Golden Cloak is equipped) 1 Damages foe. 20% chance of lowering foe's ATK power by 1. 50% chance w/ The Joker equipped. All foes Press "A" repeatedly to charge up power 7 Omega


Golden CloakAn elaborate golden cloak.Increases Goombit's overall attack power by 1.???
The JokerA seemingly nondescript Joker card.Raises the chance of Goombit's Aces R Wild move to lower the foes' ATK from 25% to 50%.???


Goombit aspires to be the Mushroom Kingdom's greatest magician. Unfortunately, he tends to lose his focus rather easily. Despite this, he has a kind heart, and loves to make people smile and entertain them with his magic tricks.



  • He is an obvious parody of the X-Men character Gambit.