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Full Name Goombeverly
Gender Female
Species Goomba
Location Astral City
What do you mean, I talk too much? I'm a Goomba, it's what we do.
Goombeverly, Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles

A Goomba from the Mushroom Kingdom. doing her year abroad in the Astral Kingdom for University. She's quick-witted and loves to dress up, even changing her clothes every chapter to fit with the theme. She is studying to become a doctor and reads a lot of books on species and documents her notes in a book she calls the Tattle Log. She has an odd but strong friendship with Archie since she frequents the Starchives often and shares his interest in knowledge. Her ability is the standard tattle passed down by Goombas of old.

In the game, she is Mario's first companion and with her tattle ability, she tells Mario of his location and other characters throughout the game, which is useful as most of the game is travelling through the past, which is her speciality.


Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles


Goombeverly is notable for changing her outfit depending on the setting of the current chapter. This is only an aesthetic change and outfits cannot be changed at will; each Chapter's setting has a set outfit.


Goombeverly meets Mario when she volunteers to guide him, Luigi and Peach through Astral City at the beginning of the game. She joins at the same time as Archie and stays with Mario throughout the course of the game to help him as well as complete her biology research.

Attacks and Stats

Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Goombeverly's Hit Points Attack Power Move Ranks
Kickbonk 0 Kicks the enemy twice in succession Press the A right before landing. Level 1: 10
Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
Level 1: 1/2 (1+1)
Level 2: 2/4 (2+2)
Level 3: 3/6 (3+3)
Tattle 0 Gives information about an enemy and reveals its HP bar and any other weaknesses or battle tips. Align the cursor with the target. Level 1: 10
Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
N/A Initial
Multi-kick 3 Kicks a single enemy multiple times until the action command is missed. Press A each time before landing on an enemy. Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
Level 1: N/A
Level 2: 2-1-1-etc.
Level 3: 3-2-1-etc.
Super Rank
Heel Stomp 5 Stomps on one enemy with her sharp high heels. It will cause the enemy to crumple Press the A right before landing. Level 3: 30 N/A Ultra Rank
Stylish Strike 4 Hits the enemy twice, and excites the audience. Press A right before landing. Level 3: 30 6-4-2-1-1-etc Badge move - "Stylish Strike" badge required.


Goombeverly has 2 personal badges which give her an extra move and ability. These may be won from the Trial House when you complete it with Goombeverly. They cost 0BP to equip.

Badge Effect
Stylish Strike Allows Goombeverly to use the Stylish Strike as a move during battle.
Speedy Search Goombeverly can use another command if she uses Tattle and pulls of the action command correctly.

Combo Attacks

Partner Combo Effect
Archie2PMRC Doppelbonk

Archie makes ghostly copies of Goombeverly. Goombeverly and the clones strike all enemies twice with a Kickbonk.

Katrina2PMTRC Stylish Appeal Goombeverly and Katrina appeal to the crowd. The audience is filled and the excite meter goes up considerably.
Tutankaboom2PMTRC Bombonk Goombeverly and Tutankaboom attack a single enemy in unison for explosive damage that hits twice.
Bandart2PMTRC Charm Swipes Goombeverly distracts the enemy while Bandart steals items from all enemies with a 100% success rate.
NormanPMTRC Achilles Heel Norman paralyzes an enemy as Goombeverly stomps on them. The enemy is crumpled and has lowered attack by 3 for the rest of the battle. If used on a boss of any sort, the effects last 3 turns.
Lan2PMTRC Graceful Spin Attacks all enemies on the ground while charging Star Power considerably.
SgtSniegs2PMTRC Slippery Slam Sniegs freezes the ground, while Goombeverly slams into all grounded enemies twice - going forwards first and then making her way back.
Buck2PMTRC Throwbonk Buck throws Goombeverly in a straight line, hitting all enemies in the line's way. Pierces defense.
VionaPMTRC Tornado Bonk Viona kicks up her Tornado Machine while Goombeverly jumps in the tornado. She kicks all enemies in succession repeatedly until the action command is stopped. Can hit enemies at the ceiling.
Coggs2PMTRC Fire Bonk Coggs sets Goombeverly on fire as she Kickbonks an enemy. This deals two powerful hits and burns the enemy.
Arh T2.PMTRC Call Out Arh T and Goombeverly appeal to the crowd. One random audience member will help Mario & his partners upon this move's success. 



  • Goombeverly is the first and only partner to change outfits depending on the location.
  • Goombeverly's Explorer Outfit is almost identical to Goombella's outfit, although with pink coloration.
  • Goombeverly studies at the University of Goom.
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