Goombatrol SM3DW

Goombatrol is a Giant Goomba with a Spiked Helmet on his head similar to Major Burrows. His first appearance is in Super Mario 3D World, the course he appears in is Koopa Industries Factory. He gaurds the second Power Star in the course, the mission is called The Goomba of the Factory. Mario or Luigi have to grab Koopa Shells along the wall and throw them at him. They must throw six Koopa Shells at him to defeat him. He can charge the at the brothers and also summon Goombas to attack the Brothers. He also appears in the fourth mission of the course called Factory Daredevil Run. Mario is small and he must go through the factory and reach the area Goombatrol is. There is a Midway Flag before the battle, instead of throwing six Koopa Shells at him Mario must throw 4 shells to defeat him. He will then get the fourth Power Star of the course.

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