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This Game is about Goombario being the Protagonist. He has many abilities, as so do his friends. Each Goomba has a power. They must be unlocked by beating bosses.


One day Goombario went to his friend, Goomuigi and saw his cousin. Goombario fell in love in his cousin. All of a sudden, a Bob-Omb walked in. In text, it said, "Hello! I see you're excited! And when i see someone excited, I get excited! And when i get Excited, I go boom!" Goombario responded with, "Why?" "Because i do! Bowser told me to blow up! But i'll just take this snazzy Girl with me!" "She's my Cousin!" Goomuigi said. "Too Bad! Now you'll have to go on a pointless adventure to save her! King Bob-Omb! Take this Guy too!" Big-Bob-Omb came in the house and took Goomuigi. "So long!" The bob-omb said. "Now i have to go on a pointlesss platformer and risk my life just to save my friends? Gee, my life stinks!"

Character Abilities How to unlock
Goombario Goomba Tale
  • Goombario Runs faster then anyone.
  • Can jump highest
Already Unlocked. Default.
  • Can long jump the farthest.
  • Can jump diagonally
Beat Boss 1
  • Lights up Cave Levels
  • Jumps Lowest
  • Long Jumps highest
Beat Boss 4 and find 5/17 bonuses
  • Quickest to Respond to controls
  • Doesn't Slip on Ice
  • Can Swin Fastest
  • Can't Long Jump
Beat final Boss


Name Boss Levels Difficulty Class
Goomba Plain Goomboss 4 plain levels, 1 Water and 1 Cave * Plains
Jumpalooza Jungle Wiggler Twins 3 Jungle Levels, 2 water and 1 Cave ** Jungle
Lost Islands Giant Eel 4 Water Levels, 3 UnderWater Caves *** Ocean
Scorching SandLand Pokey King 5 Desert Levels, 3 Caves and 1 Water Level *** Desert
Mushroom Cave Mushroopa 7 Cave Levels 1 Plain, 2 UnderWater and 1 Water **** Cave
Mountain peaks Monty King Mole 8 Mountain Levels, 4 Caves and 3 Water **** Mountain
Haunted Mansion King Boo 12 Ghostly Levels ***** Ghost House
Bowser's Waste Land Bowser Jr. 10 Volcano Levels and 5 Caves ***** Volcano
Bowser's World Machine Bowser and King-Bob-omb 1 Plain Level, 1 Desert, 1 Cave, 1 Water. 3 Jungle, 3 Mountain, 2 Ghostly, and 3 Volcano ****** Mix

Plains take place on Plains

Jungles take place in Jungle areas

Ocean Levels are Sea and Beach Levels

Desert levels are in Deserts

Caves take place in caves, where it dark and torchs are lit in someplaces

Mountains are high in the peaks, they have clouds where you can jump on.

Mansion levels are like caves, but take place in Ghost Houses

Volcano Levels can take place in a lava world, or inside a volcano

Ice levels are not seen, but ice is found in Bowser's Wolrd Machine, Caves Levels and In Ghostly Levels

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