150px-Goomba Hat Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

The Goomba Mask is one of the many power-ups used by Mario and friends. It enables the wearer to resemble a Goomba. This power-up can found out in the open or by defeating certain Goombas.


The Goomba Mask is worn over the body of the user, with only the legs and feet of the user showing below the mask. When the user approaches Goombas or Galoombas, they will be fooled into thinking that the user is a fellow Goomba and therefore will not take offense. However, some enemies like Chargin' Chucks will not be fooled, and will still attack the user regardless of if they are wearing the mask or not.

The Goomba Mask is more of an equippable item than a power-up, and as such can be used in conjuction with any other one of Mario's forms (Fire/Boomerang/Cat, etc.)


  • The Goomba Mask hides all of the player except for their eyes, legs and feet, and therefore more resembles a costume than a mask.

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