Goom's appearance in Neo Super Mario Land
Full Name Goom
Gender Male
Species Goomba
Current Status Alive
Mushroom Kingdom (formerly Koopa Kingdom)
First Appearance Neo Super Mario Land
Latest Appearance Neo Super Mario Land
Goom is a rebel Goomba who first appeared in Neo Super Mario Land. Disbanded from the Elite Goomba Militia of the Koopa Kingdom Army, Goom now lives as a traveling resident of the Mushroom Kingdom.


Goom is a gold-colored basic Goomba with a sprig of cyan-blue hair, styled like Iggy Koopa's. It is unkown why that is, considering he is now opposed to the Koopa Kingdom. To show his support for the Mushroom Kingdom, he has a star-symbol painted onto his face.


Goom is quite calm and reserved for a rebel and a past member of an army; he frequently mentions that being in the Mushroom Kingdom has "brought him to a higher level of discipline." Goom has no shame in teaching the Mario Bros. what he knows, and is really confident for an individual in his circumstances.


Neo Super Mario Land

In Neo Super Mario Land, Goom travels through the 7 different worlds located in the Mushroom Kingdom, following the  Mario Bros. He teaches them one new ability, called a Bro Power, per world. Because the Bro Powers generally help in taking down Koopa Kingdom defenses, it can be assumed that Goom teaches them these moves based on his knowledge from being in the Koopa Kingdom Army.